Making Changes

Well, I’ve left some people in suspense as I made it clear that I will be making some changes to begin the New Year. I am not sure anybody that doesn’t know would suspect what these changes may be and others might have seen it coming as soon as I said I was going to be making changes. Obviously our family has some big changes coming up as well, but this is specifically regarding me and Pea of Sweetness.


Change #1

The first change is in regards to this website/blog. I originally started Pea of Sweetness to be more of a business blog, but it CLEARLY took a different turn. I LOVE what Pea of Sweetness has become! I love writing, and I feel like my writing can come through so much more now! So, instead of having a parenting, homeschooling, overall lifestyle blog plus small business and business tips I will no longer be including small business in my blogging. I WILL still have sponsor and advertising options and reviews and giveaways. What I will no longer have is my blog posts with business tips, business decisions, etc. I will be focusing my niche more as well on parenting, homeschooling, and Eco-friendly living. Of course, special needs will be incorporated as well! There will be one exception – mentioned in Change #3.

Change #2

I will slowly, but surely, be updating things like my “About Me,” my Facebook fan page and Google + cover to reflect the changes mentioned in Change #1. I will also be updating my PR information and including a Media Kit. I have revamped my advertising options already, so definitely check that out! I will also be changing the look and feel of the Small Business Directory as well as adjusting advertising rates for features in my Small Business Directory. (Those that are already in the small business directory WILL get information on these changes, so be looking out for it in your inboxes soon!)

Change #3

I will (finally) start focusing more on my personally made products like cloth diapers, nursing covers, and wall and car decals (these are the products I currently can take custom orders for), and I’ll be bringing some other stuff your way as well – to be determined! Because I feel my personally made products still fit the niche of my blog I may feature posts here and there and will have a link to my products for purchase or order as well as a link to my Etsy shop when I get it set up. I will be using the name Pea of Sweetness for my business because that IS why Pea of Sweetness was created! 🙂 I’m excited to get back into things I enjoy and sharing them with you! I will NOT overrun my blog in these type posts because it is not my intent to keep Pea of Sweetness as a business blog, but as I mentioned, I will make it easy to find these creations and share them in a way that fits with my niche!

Change #4

This is probably the hardest change for me, but probably the best change for me all the same. I will no longer be pursuing direct sales businesses as a mean to help support our family financially. Financially, it hasn’t been that beneficial for me, and if you ask the experts – it’s all my fault. I’m OK with admitting this isn’t the right path for me. There are a variety of reasons for this decision. Some are more specific to the company or companies I was representing. A lot has to do with time as direct sales do take A LOT of time to be successful, and I feel like it is taking from the things that are more important to me and our family. Some of the decision basis is more due to the industry in general. I really don’t feel the need to go into details (well, I did initially want to, but after praying I feel it is best not to), but I can say I have had some bad experiences over the past year.  I can’t do things “half way,” and I’m finding that even if I try to keep a business “casually” or “for the discount” I am still getting slightly antsy and/or bothered by things. It really isn’t worth the time and stress for me. If I choose to keep any casually I will no longer advertise it. I cannot say I’ve made a decision 100%, though I do know FOR SURE that most will be gone by the end of December. If you are signed up for my newsletter for a specific business you will receive an announcement via e-mail specifically for that business to make you aware of the changes.

Pea of Sweetness

I’m really excited (and relieved – like a weight has been lifted) about the upcoming changes. As always, if you’d like more detailed information about any of my decisions, things to come, etc. I’m a friendly person, so feel free to contact me for more!


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  1. Congrats on your changes it’s refreshing and great when people make change like this for the good. I too have given up on Direct sales as you know I am now enrolled in school soon i will be on a different path that I love helping people if you would ever want to chat let me know.

  2. Sounds like some really great changes em!!!

  3. Hi, I’m a new follower. I appreciate your honesty and look forward to reading more of your posts. Your changes sound good.

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