May Fitness Challenge

So I’ve decided I’m going to implement monthly challenges to focus on better nutrition and fitness. Last month was the water challenge. It actually didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I know I started out sharing how I still wasn’t drinking enough despite not having other beverages. I still continued to have that challenge. I decided it was time to back to an old trick. I am not one to mark down each time I have a cup of water. I don’t remember to do it! It’s much easier for me to remember everything in ounces. So, I’m back to using (re-usable) water bottles. The bottles that come with my water filter are 16 ounces, so I have to drink at least 4 of them per day. That is MUCH easier to remember, and I’m back on track. I’ll admit, though, I’m happy to add some flavor back into y drinks! I’m still making sure I get enough water, but I’m enjoying my tea and juice again as well! 🙂

Since last month’s challenge was nutrition based this month I’m going to implement a fitness based challenge! I’d love for you to join me! My goal for the month of May is 500 pushups! I’m admittedly terrible at pushups right now. I do have to be careful because I do have a nerve issue in my wrists, and pushups can trigger it. It doesn’t mean I can’t do them, though! I may have to split them up to different times of the day, so instead of doing 15 in a row I may have to do 5 three times a day. Whatever it is I’ll find what works for me, and I encourage you to find what works for you! 🙂 I want to take this known weakness of mine and turn it around!

Pushups are such an amazing exercise! They work so many different muscles and build a stronger core. I think with all the new fitness trends pushups get lost in the past, but still there is nothing that is better! So I’m going to make it part of my daily routine, and my goal is 500 pushups for the month that are NOT modified. If you need to modify (on your knees) that is OK! If you want to challenge yourself more by doing them on an incline, that’s great! Take what level you need and join me! I know I’m really challenging myself by doing them without modifying, but I’m ready for the challenge! It’s obviously already a couple days into May, but that’s OK! The goal is 500 for the month, so if you take a day off, that’s OK, too! Don’t save it all until the last few days, though, to where you have to play “catch up” because you could burn yourself out! Try to finish all 500 by the last week of the month and give yourself a few days to spare. Then if you do fall behind you have those extra days. If you don’t fall behind you can still continue your pushup routine anyway! 😉 So, will you be joining me?

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