Min’s Move – A Story for Families Moving Abroad

Moving with children can be difficult as we are still experiencing. Even after almost two months we are still unpacking and getting settled and getting into a routine! We made a move from Texas to Ohio. Can you imagine a move to a different country? It comes with a completely different set of challenges!

Min's Move

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

MoveHub, The UK’s number one resource for moving abroad, understands these special challenges and worked with child psychologists and illustrators to launch a book to help families with the transition of moving to another country – Min’s Move.

For my review I received a Digital Copy of Min’s Move.

The book starts with an introduction for parents. It introduces the characters in the story, but it also introduces the child psychologists that helped put together the story and even shared a few basic tips from each of them such as having three smaller good-bye parties for a more natural setting, having them pack their own belongings, and so on. Many of these tips are also included within the story, but I like how they are introduced specifically in the beginning for the parents.

In the story we follow Min (short for Minnie) as she is told her mother is taking a job in Hong Kong and they will be moving there. She has a lot of mixed feelings like confused, scared, sad, and eventually excited. I think it shares the normal feelings most kids feel about moving in general! In the story she receive letters from their new neighbors and teacher which helps her feel more comfortable about the move because she feels like she knows people there already.

Throughout the story the different tips suggested by the child psychologists are worked out, which is so nice because the kids are seeing how Min is working through her feelings and ideas and adjusting to the move while the story is being read to them, and we, as parents are not only getting ideas as we go, but are seeing how the ideas work out as well!

The story is illustrated with hand-drawn illustrations and basic colors that are appealing to kids. Plus, at the end of the book, kids are encouraged to find specific illustrations, which makes it a fun game. In fact, it would be a great game during the travel! It also has questions at the end to really engage children and get them thinking.

If your family will be moving abroad I think Min’s Move is a great resource for helping prepare families with young children! Min’s Move can be purchased on MoveHub in both paperback and digital copy.

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  1. WOW! Thanks for the Fantastic Review of Min’s Move – A Story for Families Moving Abroad I know that any type of move is rough on kids! I heard and watched as my daughter and her family moved from Fort Knox to Fort Campbell! My grandson had to make new friends, he had a new preschool with new hours, it was a different type house and it was rough on everyone! Like I’ve always said, there could be a time that they may have to move abroad for Chuck’s duty to the Army! I would totally hate that fact, but I presume that’s the type of life they have. This Story sounds terrific for both the parents and the children who are going to have to make a big move! The illustration on the cover is quite nice so I presume the illustrations inside are just as nice! Thanks so much for sharing this story with all of us! Moving no matter how far is a rough thing! Whenever we move out of here, it’s gonna take tanks and huge trucks to move all of our stuff that has been collecting over the last 17 years or so! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  2. Min’s Move sounds great! Thanks for sharing such a great review.

  3. Many thanks for sharing this and the useful information inside! Me and my husband are considering moving abroad at the moment and this is exactly what we needed!

  4. The shared information is really good. People will surely get benefitted with this review.
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