Mom’s Night Out Available on DVD at Family Christian

Have you ever watched a movie that just makes you nod your head like “I can relate!” That is how I felt when I saw Mom’s Night Out. Needless to say, I was really excited for the chance to own it on DVD!

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Moms' Night Out DVD & Blu-Ray: Get it now at

Family Christian offers a variety of family-friendly faith-based entertainment and products. I was excited to discover they would be offering the Mom’s Night Out DVD.

Mom’s Night Out is a hilarious movie about a mom blogger that feels stuck in the mommy rut. She decides they need a night out without kids to just enjoy each other’s company and have adult time. Little did they know it would turn into quite an unexpected adventure!

What I love most about Mom’s Night Out is not just the fact that I can relate (which seriously makes it more hilarious), but the fact that it has an important faith-based message. I think as moms we all feel a little burnt out and overwhelmed at times. We feel like we have to meet these overwhelming expectations – like we’re not “good enough.” Good enough for who?

That is an important question! How many times do we set expectations for ourselves and feel defeated because we can’t meet them? Does it mean we’re not good enough as a mom, a wife, a blogger, etc.? What does God say about who we are?

Mom’s Night Out is really a fabulous movie that the whole family can enjoy. It is Dove Family-Approved for all ages. I am the only one who has watched it in our family so far because I seriously did need a mommy time-out to just have some quiet time where I wasn’t working, but this is a movie I would definitely feel safe about the whole family watching (though I suspect because our kids are so young they might not be interested).

Do you need a good laugh and a refreshing perspective on expectations? Then you will definitely want to check out Mom’s Night Out! The Mom’s Night Out DVD is available for purchase at Family Christian.

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  1. laura rubenstein says

    This looks really good!

  2. Jennifer Heintz says

    I agree that at times we feel we are not “good enough”. Glad to hear that the movie “Mom’s Night Out” addresses that issue in an upbeat manner. I have heard about the movie, and glad to read your review that it is a movie worth watching, and also family friendly.

  3. judy maharrey says

    I llove the idea of this movie! I an going to check it out.

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