We have Moved! {Some Updates}

I’m sorry things slowed to a trickle this week and some of my more regular content has been posted less than usual. Everything got a little hectic, and I got overwhelmed. I first had to make sure I was taking care of commitments I had made as far as posts go, and then I otherwise had to let a few things fall by the wayside to catch my breath!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter you are probably aware that we moved this weekend. Although we knew we were moving soon, it did all happen rather quickly!

My husband is getting medically retired from the military, so when the end of the process finally came he had a couple of options because he had many days of leave saved up. Long story short, we determined the best decision for our family was for him to take “terminal leave.” He does have to go back to Fort Hood for a little over a week, but then he is officially on terminal leave from that time until his leave days are used up. He will still be Active Duty for that time, but he can get a civilian job and such. Then on his official final day everything switches over to retired status, which means we have to get the retiree ID cards and the health insurance changes over. We still get to keep Tricare for a small monthly fee. We’re pretty certain we can keep Prime as well, but we need to re-enroll because it will automatically switch us to Standard.

Moving on from the boring details! Lol So this move came up fast. We got everything back and the move date was set for a little over three weeks. We attempted to come over to Houston to look at places, but had no luck. We submit an application for a house as soon as we got back, but it already had an application pending then! I admit, as much as I know God will take care of details I still panicked.

Sleeping in Car

Because house hunting is hard work

My husband’s mom looked at a couple of homes for us, and she told us the two she liked most, and we discussed them back and forth. Having been “stuck” in such a small house for almost 2 years I, of course, was leaning toward the larger home. It had a BIG yard, too. The other house, though, was still a couple hundred square foot larger, and had a bigger backyard than the house we were in as well. Both were only three bedrooms, though, so regardless we’d be gaining space but losing a bedroom. So, after much mulling we chose the slightly smaller house because of the price difference. We do hope to buy in the future, so saving is important!

Wow, has it been nerve wracking, though! Only because I’m a worrier, though! Chances are everything was going smoothly, but at one point I was nervous they weren’t going to approve our application. It definitely is hard when you have a large dog, and some people don’t understand the importance of a family’s pets when you have special needs children. Not that I would consider re-homing them, regardless, but there is part of me that wishes the disabilities act would cover all pets because they are ALL therapy animals to special needs children. Those of you with special needs children probably know exactly what I’m talking about!

Add to the already pressing time frame a total curveball. We were expected to clear the house on Fort Hood by Oct 2nd. Well, when we called to verify the movers were coming on the 1st, they said they were coming on the 27th instead! Eek! We weren’t ready for that! Talk about a scramble!

The good new is – we were approved! We did have to pay first month’s rent, DOUBLE deposit, and pet deposits. Oh, and we had to buy a refrigerator (that didn’t fit! I’ll share that in a minute.) Oh, and we’ll have to pay a couple hundred dollars to switch the water over and probably a deposit on electric, too. So, it was quite a bit to get started, but we have a home! Plus we could move in right away! Praise The Lord!

The kids, pup, and I enjoyed the trails near the lakes in the back of our neighborhood one more time as the movers were packing and loading stuff so we would be out of there way. (Some of the time anyway.)

Walking the dog

Everything worked out so amazingly well! It was such a blessing! My mother in-law was able to pick up the keys for our house on Friday, so the movers were even able to drop off our stuff today! Amazing right? Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten it until Tuesday, and my husband would already be back at Fort Hood to finish clearing. It was nice to be able to decide together where to put things!

We did get to check out the house first before the movers came. The cat (who didn’t do so well in the car) was ready to settle and first decided to try the fireplace! Lol We will obviously have to get a screen!
Cat in fireplace

We had a concern when we discovered there was a little wall by the refrigerator space. We didn’t see this in the pictures. In fact, I’m actually wondering if the pictures were taken before that little wall was built. It looks like an addition. When we saw a fabulous deal on an amazing refrigerator that was scratch and dent floor model we were excited and got it! (I can’t wait to add my touches, too!) We were so nervous, though, now it would be too wide since we didn’t account for a wall being there. Unfortunately, we were right. It doesn’t fit.

Right now it’s in the “dining area,” and we may just leave it there. I REALLY love this fridge! Even there it sticks out past the wall a little, but I’m all about making the most of what you have, and I think we can work with it!

Another snag we ran into is that they left the box with all the hardware for our beds and one of the desks at the other house. It’s a good thing my husband has to go back, but it does make things a little tricky when you’re trying to plan out where things will go!

As far as sleeping, our oldest two can sleep in their mattresses, but our youngest and ourselves have waterbeds, so if there isn’t a way to put them together, we obviously can’t use them. So, we’re borrowing an air mattress, and we do have a comfy couch!

I really overdid it today. I used my inhaler like I should (I have exercise induced asthma), but I used it after I was already winded and started working again before the 15-20 minute window. I’m stubborn like that. My Fibro wasn’t very happy with me either!

I moved many boxes into the garage because the pup was in there, and we didn’t want her to run out. Obviously they have to leave all doors and gates open, and we knew that would be both a safe and spacious place for her. Unfortunately, I forgot how much stuff we needed to put in there! The other house was so small we put SO much in the garage! Most of it needs to find a new home, so after we tackle the house we WILL get through those boxes, too!

I’m just so excited to be living in the Houston area again near our family and friends! 🙂

Wow! So do you want to see the progress? I plan to share it! We get Internet hooked up Tuesday, so I should be back in full swing again soon! I’ll share progress with the house (I’m planning many decor projects, and some furniture overhauls in the future) and get back to my regular postings like my Grammar 101 and Weekly Wrap-Ups! I’ll be rolling out my Holiday Gift Guide this week as well!

I’m also going to be starting a Winners Circle feature on my Facebook Page, so if you have ever won a prize on Pea of Sweetness be sure to post it on my wall so I can add it to the Winners Circle!

So catch me up! What have you been up to?


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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    Whew! Reading everything you did this weekend made me tired for you!! We put together a set of bunkbeds for our girls – they are beside themselves with glee over it and are trying to figure out who will get the top bunk – I think our oldest started a schedule, lol!

    • So fun! My sister and I had bunk beds, but she is older, and she never let me have the top bunk! Lol We’re eventually going to have to get bunk beds for the boys because their room is too small for both beds – particular Chaz’s water bed. He sleeps so well on it, though, we’re considering basically leaving his bed as-is and making a loft to go over it for Brayden’s bed.

  2. You made me take a nap! Good Luck on your new endevours and adventures! Sometimes ya got to shake life up to give it (and you) a different perspective and goals to find and meet. 🙂

  3. susana mladenovski says

    I def want to see the progress!!!! me and my hubby are wanting to get a new home,so its nice to read ur blog and get some info 😀

  4. Britni LifeWithMHB says

    Found your blog from a Chronically Content giveaway! I knew I’d love it as soon as I saw the pink & green! I can’t wait to get to know you better through blogging!

  5. It sounds like you have been through a lot with your move, but as you said, praise the Lord for everything working out. You can actually use this as a faith building exercise and next time you can remind yourself that God is in control & he never makes mistakes.

  6. rebeccabasset says

    I hope that you enjoy your new Home! I live in Sugar Land, and have lived in the Houston Area for the last 47 Years, I hope that you get everything that you need to finish setting up! Thanks for the post.

  7. Michelle F. says

    the kitty is adorable 🙂

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