Mudpies and Tiaras

Recently I contacted my friend, Kristen, who I met through Christian Military Wives (a wonderful group I’ve been meaning to re-connect with!) about doing a link-up as we are both getting started with reviews and giveaways! It looks like we have the same taste! 🙂 She currently has a BeautiControl Review and Giveaway (US only) on her site Mudpies and Tiaras and many more! I noticed she’ll be participating in a Cloth Diaper Hop as well, and you know how much I love cloth diapers!! I’ve followed her blogs in the past, and she is an exceptional blogger, and I’m excited that she’s started this new endeavor! I can’t wait to follow her new site! So stop on over and enter some more giveaways there and let her know I sent you! 🙂

Stay tuned for more giveaways through our site because they’re coming! 🙂 Next up will be a giveaway from one of my own companies for which I’m an Independent Representative. I’ll also be rolling out our Customer Loyalty Program and MORE! Bare with me because “March Madness” definitely explains this month for us! Between speech and developmental-typle evaluations for all 3 kids (B, our 5 year old on the Autism spectrum is considered to be “caught up” in speech! YAY! Our little mooselion is delayed almost a full year in speech – he’ll be 2 next month.), the Fort Hood Army Wives Expo (I’ll be a vendor for Nerium – and they expect more than 1000 attendees! Busy, busy, busy preparing!), my husband’s Dr appts, and just overall STILL unpacking and getting settled it is March MADNESS indeed! haha

AND DON’T FORGET to enter the Jordan Essentials Giveaway, which will be open for a few more days! They have some amazing products, and you definitely don’t want to miss out! It’s easy to enter! Information on how to enter the giveaway is at the bottom of the post! 🙂




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  1. Hi, homeschooler’s parent, would you mind share reasons to homeschool your child(ren)? thxu very much

    • Sure! I homeschool for a variety of reasons. The first, most important, reason is God called me to homeschool. I actually tried to deny this when I found out our oldest was on the Autism Spectrum, but I kept having a nagging that I should homeschool him anyway. Finally there was enough of a “push” that it was undeniable that’s what I was being called to do. Plus I would like my kids to have that one-on-one attention as well as being able to have freedom to learn about God and His Word. Plus we have the freedom as far as schedules. If we need to take a day or two, or a week, or whatever off, we can! It is something I always planned on doing, and I’m glad I got that push to dive in this past year! 🙂

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