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Freezer meals have always been something I know would make things a little easier, but I didn’t know where to start. Despite multiple pins it still just felt like it was something that wasn’t attainable. When I was presented with the opportunity to share a MyFreezEasy review, I was thrilled! I was ready to jump right in with the Freezer Meal Plan Membership. Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

What excited me most about MyFreezEasy is not that it offers detailed information and meals plans for freezer meals, but that it was designed to make freezer meals easy. As a busy homeschooler and homemaker, anything that saves time is a huge blessing. Freezer meals have always seemed overwhelming due to the time required to prepare the meals. I knew that it would save time and be better overall, but 2-3 hours of preparation? It didn’t sound too difficult, but it was surprising how hard it was to set aside that time!

Of course, as someone who has never prepared freezer meals, there was a major learning curve as well. With so many different ingredients and meals, it got overwhelming quickly. That’s why I was so encouraged by MyFreezEasy. MyFreezeEasy offers meal plans and instructions for creating 10 meals in less than an hour. That definitely sounded like something I could easily commit to!

10 Meals in 1 Hour with MyFreezEasy

MyFreezEasy offers a variety of different meals plans including: Traditional Plan, Gluten-Free Plan, Slow Cooker Plan, Clean Eats Plan, 20 Meals Plan, All Chicken Plan, All Ground Beef Plan and All Pork Chop Plan. I love that there are different options. The Traditional Meal Plan and 20 Meals Plan offers a variety of different meals for both the slow cooker and oven. If you prefer the slow cooker, you’re all set! If you need gluten-free options, the Gluten-Free Plan not only has gluten-free meal plans but also tips for making sure ingredients are gluten-free. If a certain meat is on sale at your local grocery store, you can use one of the plans for that specific type of meat.

Members get access to all 8 of the meal plans each month. They are only available in your account for that month but can be downloaded as a PDF for later use. I love this because we quickly discovered a few favorites that I definitely plan on making again! It’s also great to receive a set of new meals each month! There is even a Build Your Own Meal Plan option! It’s really so flexible!

MyFreezEasy Review

To get started, I chose the Traditional Plan for my first time. I did this for a couple of reasons – I wanted to have a variety and because the Traditional Plan has a step-by-step video for preparing the meals. It’s recommended to start with watching this video even if you do choose another plan. Because I am completely new to (or basically new to) freezer meals, I figured this would be the best place to start. I actually watched the video while preparing the meals and paused as necessary while I went.

Shopping for the Traditional Plan was easy. With each meal plan there is a list of ingredients to print out (or save on your phone). I chose to print out the list that included the sides and listed ingredients by sections in the store. It was so easy, and having a list made my whole shopping trip that much shorter.

Freezer Meal Prep Day

On Prep Day I laid out all ingredients on my table. Unfortunately, we have a tiny kitchen with no counter space, so this is the best way for me to prepare the meals.

Freezer Meal Prep

The first time, it did take me a little longer, which is expected. Plus, since I was following the video step-by-step, this delayed it as well. I still got it all done under 2 hours, though, which was still exciting for me! As I prepared meals the next time, it definitely went much quicker.

With the Traditional Plan for September, there were a few more pre-prep ingredients. Because I was using my stove for those ingredients, I did have to go back and forth from the kitchen to dining room. I do feel if I had watched the video first rather than during, this time would have been quite a bit faster. I did use some of my fancy kitchen tools to make things easier, though, like a mandolin for slicing onions. Meat scissors would have also been very helpful! Even without fancy tools, though, I do think it’s possible to make the 10 meals in less than an hour.

Building the Meals

There are different ways to build the meals – by ingredient or by recipe. I chose to do so by recipe mostly because that’s what was in the video. I have chosen to stick with this method, though, and it works well for me. With everything laid out and prepped, it was easy to just put the meals together. I love how the ingredients for the recipes work together to make it quick and easy! I actually think it’s kind of fun, too!

I did find I was able to leave out and/or substitute ingredients to better fit my family’s taste. Then I simply printed out the labels (which also includes cooking instructions) and stuck them to the bags or lids. Easy!

MyFreezEasy Review

Overall, I find MyFreezEasy to be the solution I was looking for. The meals are easy to shop for and prep and it saves me time and money. I’ve had a lot less waste in both my fridge and pantry, and I can continue to make and freeze meals to have a variety of meals for dinners to come! It’s really been a great blessing for our family. I wake up and simply dump a meal into the slow cooker or get ready to bake a meal about an hour or so before dinner. That’s it! Now we have good meals made at home!

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  1. Sounds like a very convenient cooking plan to be a part of. I like that it has a video to watch so you know exactly what to do. I’ve never tried freezer meals before, but it sounds like it would make my life easier.

  2. denise low

    Thank you for sharing. This would be a life saver through the weeks.

  3. Interesting i am all for fixing/eating and freeezing the leftovers

  4. This is a really helpful suggestion for the people, like me, who are living away from home. I hardly prepare fresh food. This freezer meal is a good option.
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