A Natural Deodorant that Works!

You know ingredients are important to me, and one of the things I am most cautious about is deodorant. Antiperspirants are totally out as they contain aluminum, which even doctors have told us not to use, and many deodorants contain questionable ingredients like parabens, artificial fragrances, and more. A good natural deodorant can be hard to find!

Truly's Natural Deodorant

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Last year I had a chance to review Truly’s Natural Deodorant, and I fell in love! Truly’s is a natural deodorant that uses only natural ingredients, and now they have new formulas as well. I was amazingly surprised by how long my first one lasted, and I couldn’t wait to receive more – for the whole family! Not only do I love Truly’s Natural Deodorant, but it’s a great deodorant for kids as well!

For my review I received an assortment of Truly’s Natural Deodorant: full sizes of the original formula, Creamsicle, and Truly’s for Kids, as well as 5-pack samples that are perfect for on the go!

Truly's Natural Deodorant - A Natural Deodorant that Works

It is so nice to have a natural deodorant that works not only for myself but for the whole family! Each deodorant is made with the same base ingredients, which is almost like reading ingredients for a cake recipe! They all have a nice, sweet smell. The only difference is the Creamsicle also includes Vanilla and Sweet Orange Essential Oils, which I LOVE! I have other skin care products that use Sweet Orange Essential Oils, and they are my favorite products because of how soft and smooth my skin is when using them. So this was definitely exciting for me!

On top of that, my health issues have been flaring up recently, and one of the flareups is unfortunately my underarms. They get red, cracked, dry, scaly, and very, very painful. Of course, I’m not using commercial deodorants, so luckily I wasn’t adding to it, but could I use anything during a flareup? Since using Truly’s natural deodorant I haven’t had a flareup in my underarms, but if I did I do think this would be a nice, soothing way I could continue to use deodorant!

Truly’s Natural Deodorant is a cream deodorant and is applied like a cream. It doesn’t leave a messy white residue and won’t stain your clothes. It really is quite soothing to apply and, as I mentioned, it lasts a long time! It does dry quickly, though, so it doesn’t feel “wet” on the skin after application.

Truly's Natural Deodorant Review

Of course, the kids love that they get their own now! Plus, even the sample packs are great for kids! I, personally, already put one to use when I was traveling, and I was so glad I could easily take it along with me! The boys each have their own little one because Aurora started using the Kids’ Deodorant first, and you know how your siblings have cooties and you can’t share! Ha!

Not only do I appreciate the natural ingredients, but I love that it’s a natural deodorant that works. I admit, I have a smelly problem. With other deodorants I would find myself reapplying a few times a day. With Truly’s I don’t have to! It’s not overpowering, but has a sweet, pleasant scent that lasts all day!

Still finishing up your Christmas shopping? Truly’s Natural Deodorant would make a great gift for the whole family! They are the perfect stocking stuffer! Natural Ingredients and long-lasting deodorant is something anyone can appreciate!

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  1. I’m so happy to see your review here.I love that they have a child’s deoderant as well. All natural ingredients . No staaining or smells. Everything I’d want in a deodorant. Thank you so much. I will truly be trying this.
    Carol L

  2. I would love to try Truly’s. We put so many chemicals on and in our bodies it’s scary. I’ve heard that deodorant can lead to breast cancer so this is a great product!

  3. Erika Messer says

    I think this is awesome, love that it is all-natural – I have heard SO many bad things about antipersperants and every time I go to buy some I always re-live those moments and think which one????

  4. Mindy Drummond

    I love that these products are all natural! I am allergic to most deodorants besides not liking all the junk that is in them! I like that you state they don’t leave a white mess and that they are soothing for your sensitive underarms, I’m hoping this will be true for me as well.

  5. Lori Thomas says

    This would be great to try. I am allergic to aluminum in deodorants.

  6. Jane Wohlers says

    Thanks for the review. Maybe it’s something I can get my boyfriend to use without thinking it was going to kill him…

  7. Perfect for my son who breaks out from most deodorant.

  8. I like that it has ingredients I can pronounce. That is always a plus!
    Sandra Watts recently posted…BUG Will Crawl Under Your Skin…My Profile

  9. Natalie Nichols says

    These sound like really awesome products. It will be nice to have a natural deodorant that actually works well!

  10. Debbie Bray

    I love all the natural ingredients

  11. Lisa Coomer Queen

    I like the fact that it is all natural and doesn’t stain your clothes. Great Review.

  12. Thank you for your informative review. I get the same kind of rash as you under my arms, so I am so glad to find something so gentle that I can use it during the problem time. I am sold on this no toxic gem!

  13. Truly’s sounds like a good option for me, as a chemically-sensitive individual. I love that it’s all-natural and free of toxic chemicals!

  14. This deodorant looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  15. This sounds like something great to try! I love products like this!

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