Natural Stress Relief for Pets {Review}

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

RESCUE Remedy Pet

Our pets are part of our family, too, and just like I look for natural products for us, I look for natural products for them as well. Something that has been quite challenging is our mastiff’s anxiety. It is pretty bad. We rescued her from a bad situation, but even at just 12 weeks old she was already traumatized from mistreatment. As a dog trainer of group classes I constantly took her to my classes to make sure she was properly socialized with other dogs as well as around other people. We saw some improvement, but there was still some hesitancy and nervous behavior particularly with men.

When I learned RESCUE Remedy offers a solution for natural stress relief for pets I was excited! I wasn’t new to the RESCUE Remedy brand as I, myself, am often in need of stress relief. I have personally used both the Original RESCUE Remedy as well as the RESCUE gum. When I realized they offered the RESCUE Remedy Pet I realized I am not sure why I didn’t think to look into it before!

Rescue Remedy Pet is Veterinarian recommended, alcohol free, and made of the following 5 Bach® Original Flower Remedies:

  • Rock Rose, for terror and panic
  • Impatiens, addresses irritation and impatience
  • Clematis, for inattentiveness and lack of interest
  • Star of Bethlehem, for shock or trauma
  • Cherry Plum, for a lack of self control

You can read more about the Bach Original Flower Remedies.

RESCUE Remedy Pet is easy to administer, and the dosage is based on amount of stress, and not on the type of animal or weight. I think that is something very important to note. 4 drops is the recommended dose, and for our mastiff that seemed to be sufficient. I might consider increasing it in a situation where she is under higher stress, though, as I do feel that might be necessary.

RESCUE Remedy Pet can be administered in multiple ways, which means you can do what is best for you and your pet. The drops can be placed on a treat, in their food or water, or even rubbed into their ears, nose or paws. Because part of Caprice’s anxiety is being fearful it was definitely easier not to apply it on her directly! She and the cat share the water and even share the food often as well (though we are trying to encourage our cat not to eat her dog food – that is so backwards, isn’t it?). So for us, applying it to a treat was definitely the best choice! The dropper makes it really simple to use! She is never one to turn down a treat, though I don’t think the RESCUE Remedy Pets affected the smell or flavor very much either to a point that she even noticed.

RESCUE Remedy Pets

I have been using RESCUE Remedy Pets in situations where we will be having guests in our home (anxiety around people) and where we will be out of the house for a longer period of time (separation anxiety). I have definitely seen an improvement in both situations!

When we have guests she is generally very anxious, particularly if there are men. With women and children she tends to settle more quickly, but if there is a man (or men) she will pace, pant, and even bark when they get up to move sometimes. We saw a decrease in this type of behavior. Although she did still seem a little more alert with the men and still barked when they first arrived she did settle more quickly as she would if there weren’t men. There wasn’t the pacing and panting and nothing more than a quick glance when they would get up. This is a remarkable improvement. What I love most, though, is it’s not a sedative that knocks her out. She isn’t medicated. She is just calm and able to enjoy herself more, so she is actually happier, too!

Although it is harder to note the improvements with separation anxiety as we cannot see how she has been acting when we were gone since it wasn’t a situation where we were gone for more than a long stretch of the day that didn’t require someone to look after her, we did notice she has been laying down and rather relaxed when we returned instead of excitable. Of course, we also noticed less torn up items. Since we moved recently she had gotten out of sorts and has been getting into trash and such just tearing things up because her anxiety was high when we were out of the house. This is now improving again. Although we generally try to remember to put all of that out of her reach now regardless, it is nice to come home and not find something torn up we might have missed!

Overall, I’m excited to see the improvement and so glad we have found a natural product for stress relief that helps!

RESCUE Remedy Pet is available in two convenient sizes: 10 ml drops for $16.95 and 20ml drops for $20.95. RESCUE Remedy Pet is sold nationwide at Whole Foods and your local pet products retailer, or at the RESCUE Remedy Pet Website.

For More Information:

Visit the RESCUE Remedy Pet Website
Connect with RESCUE Remedy Pet on Facebook

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  1. Holly Thomas says

    I like that it is suitable for so many different types of animals.

  2. Gale McCarron

    It’s a natural remedy derived from flowers to help elevate stress in animals

  3. hangontite2000 says

    I love the fact that it helps with all kinds of anxiety in your pet but most of all if it works on excessive barking I would be ecstatic. Can’t wait to try it

  4. Great to know that it for all types of anxiety in your dog, specialy on the excessive barking. I’ve gotten the basic treats. But this should calm him down

  5. MelissaSayWhat

    I love that it helps with separation anxiety! My poor dog is by my side every step of the way when I’m home. He even tries to follow me to the bathroom.

  6. Elena Istomina says

    I like that it’s made with natural ingredients

  7. marian boll says

    The ability to correct excessive barking…for sure

  8. Darlene Jones-Nelson

    I learned RESCUE Remedy Pet is an alcohol free formula made especially for your pet

  9. I learned that Rescue Pet Remedy contains 5 natural ingredients in an alcohol-free formula to help alleviate anxiety and other symptoms in pets.

  10. I learned that Rescue Pet Remedy dosage depends on amount of stress. Not on type of animal and size

  11. candy kratzer wenzel says

    I learned that it helps ease stress with trips to the vet. I fear for my 15yr old cat going in a car that he will have a heart attack.

  12. I learned that I can add drops to their water or rub it on their paws. My dogs are so nervous, I would like to see if this would help.

  13. Wendy Mastin says

    I learned that RESCUE Remedy® Pet is the veterinarian recommended choice to help all types of pets ease fear, anxiety and behavioral issues associated with stress.

  14. debra dubois says

    I have two girls we adopted 4 months ago that are afraid of loud sounds and Rescue Remedy will put them at ease and it made of natural ingredients it really sounds amazing i would love to try this form them.

  15. Darcy Koch says

    I learned these products would help my cat feel more at ease and more comfortable being around children who he is not used to being around and feels very uncomfortable when they come near him.

  16. It is so nice to have options. My dogs are very well trained, but sometimes they can get high strung or anxious in certain situations. Something to take the edge off for them so they can listen and follow instructions makes a huge difference.

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