Nature’s Flavors – Natural Colors for Baking and Cooking Review

Natural Food Colors

I received a set of 5 natural food colors to review, and I was very excited to try them. I received: Natural Cherry Red, Natural Blue, Natural Honeydew Green, Natural Yellow and Natural Pumpkin. It arrived packaged in recyclable material, which is always a bonus for me!

How often do you use food colors? For us the answer was never. At least not anymore, and it was making our kitchen rather boring. I knew there were too many risks with commercial food colors, though. We try to avoid foods that contain artificial colors as well because of the risks. Artificial food colors (which can be called food dyes as well) can enhance the behavioral concerns associated with children on the Autism spectrum like our oldest son, and I’ve noticed a big difference in the effects on our younger two children with Sensory Processing Disorder as well. They are more hyper and particularly restless when bed time comes. Our 3 year old could easily stay up until well past midnight on some nights! When we stopped using artificial food colors, we saw a tremendous difference!

Natural food color

So what were we to do when we wanted to make a fun cake or cookies or another fun baking project with colors? What about dying eggs for Easter? I had been on the lookout for natural food colors, so I was ready to put Nature’s Flavors to the test! We made a cake with a nice dark blue icing for an Independence Day cake. The cake itself didn’t look pretty because I am not a very fancy baker, but that dark blue icing looked beautiful! Plus, I felt good knowing it was made with natural ingredients!


Nature’s Flavors Natural Colors are made using only all natural and organic plant extracts which have been shown to be high in bioflavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants all of which are active, beneficial, additives to you and your family. You need to shake the colors well before use and refrigerate after opening because of the natural ingredients. The colors are very rich and beautiful. Each color comes in 2 fluid ounces with a color chart to assist in getting just the right shades of each hue. We did try to use the red in the cake, and it did change with the heat. The color changing with heat may occur, but overall, we were not disappointed! I think the Natural Colors are the exact solution we were looking for to be able to add some flair to our kitchen without the chemicals and health risks!

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  1. rebeka deleon says

    i don’t use food coloring often but i should. i think it would make it fun for the kids to have your food be a bright color. like green eggs. hehe might do that tomorrow

  2. Susan Tolles says

    Great info, Emilee! I have a 9-month-old granddaughter, and I am looking forward to spending many hours in the kitchen with her! I’ll bookmark this review for future use, and I’ll be exploring your blog as well!

  3. Barbara Bianchi says

    Wow, this is a terrific find. I have steered away from food coloring, as well. Now it is good to know that these natural food colorings are available. I like your blue icing. (Green eggs & ham was always a funny breakfast when my children were little).



  4. Wendy Baudin says

    How cool…organic is definitely the way to go especially for food coloring. As we know, red is one of the worst and it’s used in so many products that our children like. Love that you are sharing this. More healthy living More happy life. Thank you.

  5. Krystal V. says

    i would love to try them

  6. Donna Martin says

    kids attracted to fun beautiful color..when there is a color on our food it will make them eat it as long as the color is safe

  7. veronicalee says

    I try to steer clear of food coloring, having heard so much about the negative effects. Love that these use only all natural and organic plant extracts. I would love to try them.

  8. How interesting! I’ve always kind of steered clear of food colorings, because of the chemicals. I never knew there were natural ones available, bottlled. Duh! Thanks for the info!

  9. I have used food dye before but this is the first natural one I heard of .
    Thank you for the info.

  10. natural ingredients are such a good find for me. thank you for sharing this!

  11. md kennedy says

    Like you I never use food colors because of the questions about what they are made of – but now it is nice to know I have something that is actually “natural!” Thanks for the introduction.

  12. randyfulgham says


  13. Elisebet F says

    I’ve become more interested in baking this year. I’d like to purchase some natural food coloring, but it seems expensive. Does the 2oz bottle seem like it will last quite a while?

  14. Krista Bainbridge

    I LOVE these food colors! They work well and they are safe! Nice to know I’m not loading my family with food dyes!

  15. Katrina Angele says

    So nice to learn there is a safe alternative to regular ol food coloring. I never knew!!

  16. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    Love the color that the blue made and all-natural is the first time I seen this with coloring.

  17. Donna Wharton says

    Some of these would be cool to use in the Magic Bullet. 🙂

  18. I like the ingredients in Nature’s Colors; so much healthier than what you usually find in most food coloring. I’m glad that they only use all natural, all organic plant extracts.

  19. Patricia Mohl says

    I’m glad it comes with a color chart that’s a real help on determing color.

  20. I had no idea such product was available! Thanks for the review. We’ll be looking for it locally.

  21. such a ‘sweet’ find…my granddaughter just turned 3 and i want to make homemade playdough for her like i used to for my own kids. these will be perfect for the job.

  22. Marguerite Funk says

    I like the idea of using natural ingredients.

  23. butterflies974 says

    Love using natural ingredients. The idea of using natural flavors and colors is great!

  24. butterflies974 says

    Love the idea of using natural colors and flavors! Store bought are so bad for you!

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