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Neater Feeder

Thanks to Neater Feeder for sending us a large Neater Feeder with leg extensions to try with our pup!

We have a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). She is a messy eater and SO sloppy with her water. We also have a really small back room, which happens to be the room in which we homeschool, have our dining table, and keep the pet food bowls. Surprisingly, the dog and cat share a food bowl and not in the way you expect. The cat will eat the dog food even when he has cat food available! So backwards I know! There isn’t a whole lot of space back in that room. It is quite small! So, the fact that our pup is so sloppy really takes its toll on us. She sloshes water EVERYWHERE when she drinks, and when she lifts her head it just drips all over! During our homeschool day I am sitting right beside the food bowls, and the kids will complain about stepping in water when walking over to me – or worse, they’ll slip on it! Plus, when there is food on the floor combined with the water it makes a nasty mess that I have to scrub hard to get off our linoleum floors if I don’t catch it immediately. It is AWFUL. Not to mention, if it isn’t our pup making the mess one of US might kick the food or water bowl and spill it!

So, I knew I was really going to put Neater Feeder to the test! I have seen the pictures and watched the videos. I could tell it was great at containing messes, but I still had a concern about the water that drops when she lifts her head. Well, I am happy to report, we have had NO messes since we started using the Neater Feeder! No food messes, no water on the floor, nothing! The food stays along the edges of the bowl, which either she or the cat will eat, and the water drips below into the reservoir for easy clean up! That’s it! All we have to do is dump out the lower reservoir every few days! That’s it! It’s dishwasher safe as well, though I have found it’s quicker just to clean it by hand! I also love that it has the leg extensions so it has a nice height for our “beast.” She has actually been more comfortable as she has been eating as well. We used to have an elevated feeder, but we stopped using it because when she would get sloppy with the water it would go underneath the bowl and make everything really slimy and disgusting. The upkeep was too much. So the Neater Feeder has solved two problems: our pup now has an elevated feeder again AND the mess is now contained. I am very happy with the Neater Feeder!

Pet Bowl

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*Giveaway!!!* {ended 6/16/2013}

Do you want the opportunity to contain those messes? One lucky reader is going to win a Neater Feeder in their choice of size and color! This giveaway will run from 6/2 through 6/16 at 11:00pm (times are Central) and is open to US residents ages 18+. Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools.

review and giveaway

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  1. small one for dogs in bronze/brown

  2. Pamela Warren says

    The cat prefers the leaky faucet in bathtub to his plastic bowl. I think the metal would make water taste better and keep colder

  3. I’d like the Medium Brown one. My pup could share with my kitty that I saved.

  4. Rachael Henzman says

    We would need the large dog bowl! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Susan Broughton says

    I would need either a small or medium. My dog is between the two so I’m not sure which one

  6. We want to get another Mastiff, so I think we’d definitely need the large one!

  7. steve weber

    I would need a small dog feeder.

  8. Georgia Hatheway Beckman says

    I would choose the red cat neater feeder.

  9. Shawndra Befort says

    I would need the large Neater Feeder probably with the giant bowl

  10. Katie AB says

    The large neater feeder

  11. jigsawinc says

    I would get the medium size feeder..

  12. annie page says

    The large set of bowls needed for a lab. I like the silver and red set

  13. randyfulgham says


  14. Laurie Nykaza says

    Medium Neater Feeder
    for dogs weighing 15-40 lbs.
    with a 9-12″ shoulder height

  15. Jennifer P says

    I think she might need the Large size Neater Feeder.

  16. Ashley Tillett says

    I really need this

  17. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I would need the medium size dog in cranberry. These look really nice, I think my dogs would use them.

  18. Jennifer Wexler says

    i would get the small size in cranberry

  19. Ruth Hill says

    We have 14 cats, so I would love to get the cat size.

  20. DailyWoman says

    I would need the cat one. Lacey

  21. Krista Grandstaff says

    I’d like either the cat…because my two are messy…OR…the large dog with extensions because my Great Dane Puppy is extremely messy…!

  22. LyricInTime2803 says

    My dogs would need a large Neater Feeder. Both colors are nice but probably the Cranberry.

  23. sarah oswald says

    I would pick the small neater feeder for dogs in the bronze color

  24. CarolynH6

    I’d take a small Cranberry for the cat.

  25. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    The medium one in bronze

  26. I would love one for my cat!

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