Never Alone

Sometimes I have a lot to say. In fact, you should see how many drafts I have just waiting to bloom into full posts! Sometimes I type up posts and then delete them because it was something I needed to get out, but not something I think is right to post – at least not now. Those drafts, though? I hope to post them. I hope to post them soon. I hope to develop them into the full thoughts I have going through my head that I make notes on hoping not to lose it all because right now losing thoughts is exactly what is happening. I can’t even come up with simple words sometimes. My sentences end abruptly because I can’t think of words.

I had another hard week. I’m not adjusting well to being back on the medication for my headaches. I can’t even say whether or not they’re helping my headaches because it was also my “bad week,” which also triggers headaches and all kinds of pain and problems. I was in bed for two days. I’m still feeling overwhelmed from how much I’ve fallen behind, and I’m still feeling tired and dizzy. I just want to regain my strength. I just want to feel “normal,” whatever my “normal” is. I want to go back to the gym. I want to go to church regularly. I want to get on here and happily write – not dread it because I have to do it.

I’m depressed. I know it’s a side effect of one of the medications, and I’m debating just getting off of them altogether, but having debilitating headaches every day isn’t ideal either. Am I not giving myself enough time to adjust? It could be better once I’m back into my routine again – especially working out regularly again. It worries me, though, since I’ve battled depression since I was a teenager. I also fight with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I was feeling fine for a while, though, and now this.

Never Alone

I want to get into a good routine where I post content more regularly because I do, indeed, have a lot to say, but right now, I just don’t feel like saying it. I feel discouraged. Last year was hard, and this was supposed to be my come back. Instead I feel like I’m stuck in a rut I can’t get out of. Where do I go from here?

Then, last night I was listening to music and one of my favorite songs came on: “Never Alone” by Barlow Girl – and it said everything I could possibly say in that moment. I’m not sure I ever mentioned it, but I love to sing. If I could sing my heart out the words to that song right now I would because that’s it! No matter how I feel there is one thing that I always know. I’m never alone. I cling to that. I hold on to that promise. Even when it’s hard I know He is with me. He loves me, and I have a purpose. That gives me peace.

If you’re facing a hard time right now, I pray you stand on His promise that He will never leave you, never forsake you. He is always with you. I know it’s hard to see it in the storm. I’ve hit my knees and begged to just get through this, and even though I can’t see Him, I know He’s there. I’m never alone. You’re never alone.


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  1. Have you tried Vitamin D and/or St.John’s Wort for your SAD? I started taking both this year and have noticed a significant difference! I can actually get motivated to get things that need to be done done and don’t feel so apathetic. 🙂 I get grumpy again if I miss a day for whatever reason.
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  2. I would like to thank you for being there, we have some shared beliefs and faiths and I am there with you. I appreciate having some supporters in the areas of faith.

  3. Elizabeth H.

    I am very familiar with Barlow Girl. Love the song “Never Alone”. Music and my faith mean a lot to me. Sometimes to get motivated, I listen to inspirational music and songs.

  4. Elizabeth Johnson says

    This is a lovely song, and your reason for listening to it is very touching. That’s such a great message to send out to people.

  5. Linda Manns Linneman

    This is so true. I don’t know what I would do without God in my life. I have been through alot in my life, the biggest being the death of my youngest son. God was with me through it all, both the good and bad. I hope your headaches and depression improve soon. I will be praying for you

  6. I wish you well with dealing with your depression.

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