Night Zookeeper Story Pairs {App Review}

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Night Zoo Keeper

Night Zookeeper Story Pairs is the newest app from The Night Zookeepers team that allows kids to be creative as well as interactive. It’s a multi-player game for 1 to 4 players. Each magical animal in Story Pairs has been drawn from Night Zookeepers from around the world. There are no boring tigers and lions here! Each animal is made up from a child’s imagination! They each come with a name and description of their “magical power.” Because our children are still learning to read I did a lot of reading the name and description of each animal for them. They had a blast seeing all the neat animals because they didn’t know what they would get!

In Night Zookeeper Story Pairs each player takes turn in a card matching game. The app highlights the name of the zookeeper that currently has their turn. Once the matching game is complete, though, there is something unique that sets it apart from other matching games in addition to the unique animal pictures. The winner zookeeper gets to tell a story using their winning animals and their powers to entertain each other and the “time traveling elephant” we met at the introduction. Our kids were still a little young to tell an effective story, but they really had fun trying!

Night Zoo Keeper

Another fun aspect that is built into the rules is that other players can “Roar!” or interrupt the story by using one of their animal’s Story Power. Usually, we all forgot about this because we would enjoy the story-telling part so much! Plus, each story gets recorded so you can listen to it any time! If you want to delete any recordings, though, you can easily do so.

Any time you want to check scores or quit the game you simply shake the device – whether it be the phone or iPad. We mostly used it on my iPhone because I hadn’t yet downloaded it to the iPads when they discovered it and started playing!

Although you could play the game with one player I definitely think it is more fun with multiple players! Usually I team up with our 3 year old, so we only count as one player. He’s actually better at the matching part than I am, but he needs help with the reading and story-telling part. The older two (ages 5 and 7) do as well, but not quite as much help that they need to have an adult “on their team.” We really like Night Zookeeper Story Pairs because there is so much about this app that is fun and different! It’s unique, and it’s something that encourages us to play together!

For More Information:

Visit the Night Zookeeper Website
Connect with Night Zookeeper on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
Find helpful hints on the Night Teacher’s Blog

You can find the Night Zoo Keeper Story Pairs App in the Apple App Store for $0.99.


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  1. Joshua Davidson says

    Thanks so much Emilee. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully lots more magical stories will be told now! Also, if anyone wants to get their children’s magical animals into Story Pairs, just go to our website and have a go! 🙂

  2. Lynn Buttedal says

    I tries to find where to comment on the fall gc giveaway and couldn’t! So thank tou for the giveawsy! I would be blessed to win anything!

  3. Michelle F. says

    looks like a fun app and a great price.

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