No Weekly Wrap-Up?

Sorry I didn’t post my Weekly Wrap-Up yesterday. Although there are a few exciting things to share (which I will in a minute!), not much happened. 4 out of the 5 of us had an awful stomach virus! I figured I would spare the details. It took a lot out of me. I was glad I was able to post anything at all!

Right before the worst of it hit me I found out I had won ToDoist’s 1 Million Users Contest! Wow! I’m so excited! My account got upgraded to a lifetime premium account, and I won an iPhone 5S! It looks like it will arrive by this weekend! Yay! I will share more when it does!

I’ve also slowly been adding more to Deals of Sweetness. It won’t fully have all features (like a full menu bar, side bar, button, logo, etc.) until after the holidays, but I’m still excited to get it up and going nonetheless! Have you checked it out yet?

Deals of Sweetness

There are some giveaways on there that aren’t on here, so if you like giveaways you might want to head over there!

Why another blog? Because I love doing reviews and giveaways and participating in group giveaways, and I want to keep offering them – and doing more of them! Deals of Sweetness will allow me to do this while also sharing deals and specials as well, and I can keep Pea of Sweetness more focused on lifestyle – particularly homemaking, homeschooling, Faith, and natural/Eco-friendly living.

I WILL still offer reviews and giveaways that fit these niches, and maybe even a few specials as well, but I want content to be more prominent. Plus it will take some time for Deals of Sweetness to grow, of course, but I feel led in this direction and feel this is the best choice!

And last but certainly not least, I was invited back to be part of the 2014 Schoolhouse Review Crew! We are so excited! It has been such a blessing for our family, and your responses to how the reviews have helped you make decisions have been such a blessing as well! We are excited to see what the new Crew Year will bring, and I hope you are, too! 🙂

What were your highlights last week? Has anyone put up Christmas decorations yet?


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