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Sorry, today’s “Wordless” Wednesday is not so Wordless. I guess that’s better than last week when I didn’t post one at all! haha There was something I have been stressing on my blog for, well, almost a year now since that’s about when I started my blog. I had decided to use nicknames for our kids to protect privacy. It’s a question that’s come up with other bloggers, and I’ve seen the discussion go both ways. For me, I was torn but decided to go with nicknames just to be safe. Then I ran into a problem as our youngest got older because his actual nickname we were using is what I was using in my blog for our oldest. Every time I post about our kids I feel like I have to force myself to use nicknames because it’s just not natural for me. When I write I just let it flow, so it was stifling me to remember the nicknames. Then I often felt like I had to explain who I was talking about anyway. My use of nicknames was then further complicated by naturally occurring incidences: I would accidentally say one of their names in a video (and video editing is NOT my favorite thing to do), I had one of their names on a sign in a picture, and then I did a review for a personalized product. Well, I surely wanted to use his real name on his cute backpack! So I have decided it is MORE stressful for me to use the nicknames than it is for me to worry about using their real names. So here it goes! Introducing… my kids!!






and Chaz!


Do you have a (family friendly) Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday to share? I love to see them! Link up below! 🙂


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  1. I went through the same thing. I use their real names. I could have used nicknames I guess, but I didn’t.

  2. I use my kids real names or their real life nicknames. I figure, my real name is on the web, so if someone really wanted, they could probably find out my children’s names as well.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing because even when I wasn’t using their names I’d notice friends and family would in public comments, so deleting all of it was becoming tedious!

  3. I sometimes use my daughters real name (Elise) But even with friends, I’ll refer to her as “E” when texting, etc.

    Love your kids names! Aurora is so pretty (the name and your daughter)! =)

    • I use “B” a lot for Brayden, and Chaz has ALL kinds of nicknames, but Aurora really doesn’t! I used to call her “Aura” sometimes when she was a baby just to shorten it, but I haven’t used that in a long time!

  4. Aahahaha..the same goes with me. I didn’t even want to introduce my son at all in early days..but then I feel that I want to share stories about them too. To be easier I just use their initials 🙂

  5. Your a better woman than I am for at least trying! With the age of Facebook, its just the thing to do to show off your kids!

  6. OlderMommyStill says

    It’s a tough decision but a very personal one to make. Your children are adorable 🙂

  7. Cuties!!! I didn;t know anything about blogging when I started so used my kids real names from the start…I probably still would have had I known about the whole “nickname” thing though becuase like you, I wouldn;t have been able to keep it all straight. LOL!

  8. I didn’t know any better either when I started blogging. But in this day and age anyone can find out anything if they really want to know the answer. I don’t stress about it.

    Your kids are really cute btw!!!


  9. Your kids are adorable…I love all those pictures!

  10. Such cuties! Love the name Aurora. Absolutely beautiful.

  11. I was discussing this with a friend who has several blog posts sitting in draft, finished, but has not figured out what to do. Her husband has asked her to blog anonymously, due to some issues with an ex-spouse. She is not sure how to go about this, whether it means nicknaming her kids, nicknaming herself & her spouse, does she list the area she is in? I understand not using your children’s names and also changing your mind. I think that it is a personal decision to make based on your circumstances. I keep my family’s names out of most things, but I am a therapist and I do that for boundaries’ sake.

  12. Oh by the way your kids are adorable !!!

  13. so far my kids don’t even have nicknames on my blog–just genders and ages. i go back and forth about how I want to continue…

  14. I don’t worry about it too much. I use my kids names all the time. I try not to live in fear. Thanks for being a gracious host. Thanks also for hooking up with my Wordless Wednesday. Hope to see you back next week.

  15. I worry about this a lot. I’ve been using Ezra’s name since he was born and it’s far too much trouble to go back and undo it. But what about when we have another kid? Do I use a nickname? I don’t know…still considering.

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