Nourish Your Body Naturally with Anna Naturals

You know I am always on the lookout for natural products. When it comes to natural products, I look for products that are natural for both inside and out. What I find really exciting is when I run into a company that has a great variety of products and really makes an effort to provide products that are GMO-Free.

Anna Naturals Review

Disclosure: I received a variety of products to facilitate my Anna Naturals Review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

That is why I am so impressed by Anna Naturals. I had a chance to review their herbal teas in my May Eco Emi Box on Deals of Sweetness, and I was impressed! When I was presented with the opportunity to review more of their products, I jumped at the opportunity!

Anna Naturals offers a variety all natural products for women that are truly enjoyable without all the scary chemicals. They offer products specifically for women’s needs including menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, and just the everyday products for things like energy and pampering – both things we need and enjoy! There are natural herbal teas, bath and beauty products, aromatherapy, and more!

Anna Naturals Review

I am in awe of all the products available – particularly for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum. I only wish I had products like these during my pregnancies and from breastfeeding through weaning. Unfortunately, we are unable to have anymore children, but looking over the ingredients in these products, I am impressed and can see how they would be extremely beneficial. The nipple cream is even food grade!

For my review I received two of their herbal teas, Goat’s Milk Soap, and Glowing Mama Face & Body Scrub.

Herbal Teas

Anna Naturals Review Herbal Teas

I am in love with the Herbal Tea from Anna Naturals. I fell in love instantly when I tried them in my Eco Emi box, so I was thrilled for the chance to use them regularly. The Energy Tea is amazing. I have Fibromyalgia with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so energy is something that doesn’t come easily to me. I appreciate that with this tea I can feel energized naturally. Not only does it contain natural ingredients for a natural energy and stamina boost, but it also contains essential antioxidants!

The Cycle-Ease Tea contains cramp bark, which is a natural muscle relaxant that primarily targets the uterus. Although I didn’t receive this during my cycle, I tried it previously during my cycle and was amazed. I have extremely painful cycles and try a plethora of natural remedies for relief, and it, by far, provided the most relief. I am so glad I will get to use it for my full cycle now! It’s fantastic!

Both of the herbal teas have a nice taste, and if you have a sweet tooth like me, you can add honey for sweetening. It really enhances the flavor.

All Natural Goat’s Milk Soap

Anna Naturals Review Goat's Milk Soap

I kind of have a “thing” for goat’s milk soap. It’s amazing. It leaves the skin feeling so soft. Anna Naturals really outdid it, though, with their Goat’s Milk Soap. Not only is it all natural, but it is lightly scented with certified essential oils for this nice, light citrus scent. It is divine! It leaves our hands feeling soft and smooth – and clean! We are loving this soap! It’s creamy, cleans well, smells good, and leaves our hands feeling baby soft. What’s not to love?

Glowing Mama Face & Body Scrub

Anna Naturals Review - Glowing Mama Face & Body Scrub

The Glowing Mama Face & Body Scrub is a walnut scrub. It is thick and creamy with exfoliating beads. It smooths on nicely, and I scrub it in well to really exfoliate my skin. I have problem skin and exfoliating is really important. It’s always nice to find a product that is natural that has exfoliating properties. To be able to use it on my face is a huge advantage. My face has been feeling so soft! It doesn’t feel greasy or too rough, it’s a nice blend. It almost has the consistency of a lotion! This is, by far, one of the best scrubs I have ever used.

Overall, I am definitely impressed by the Anna Naturals products. It’s not common that I receive a variety of products and really love every one. I love that they put so much effort into offer products that are all natural, GMO-free and perfect for women and our needs. I would definitely recommend their products!

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  1. These look awesome! I’d love to try them all. The tea sounds yummy.
    Brooke Bumgardner recently posted…New Balance #30RunsIn30Days SweepstakesMy Profile

  2. I Was Absolutely Blown Away from your review of Nourish Your Body Naturally with Anna Naturals! I also have Fibromyalgia and lack of energy + I am a diabetic! These Products seem like they would be perfect for me as well! Please let me know when You are having the Giveaway for these products! I can’t afford to purchase anything because of our situation here at home. Both my husband and I are disabled and are on a fixed income. My husband became suddenly ill several weeks ago and was hospitalized for a week. He is having surgery on 9/10 and another hospital stay! Since he has been ill, he has not been working his part-time job which is our grocery and necessities money. No money…No Groceries or Necessities! However, I would try my darndest to win a Contest with these products!!! I also have painful cramps as you do and when you said that the product works and it’s totally natural, I was like “Oh My GOD, I need that stuff”! Thanks for the great information and please let me know when the contest is going to start! Michele Ash 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…HangerJack Scroll Giveaway (ends 9/17)My Profile

    • *Hugs* I can understand. My husband is a Disabled Veteran, so we live on his VA Disability and the (not so much {yet}) I make on my blogs and freelance work I pick up. We’re actually getting evicted in a couple of weeks and still can’t find a new place to live. It is hard, and I can totally relate. The giveaway is scheduled to go live September 13th, so be sure to check back!
      Emilee recently posted…HangerJack Scroll Giveaway (ends 9/17)My Profile

  3. TrippyCusp93 says

    I absolutely love natural products. The natural teas sound impressive! I would use the energize tea when I need a boost in the morning and the cycle-ease when it’s that time of the month! I love that these products target the female market. I would love to see what the Glowing Mama face & body scrub would do for me too!

  4. The energy tea sounds awesome, need one about 2 pm everyday at work! I’m g oing to check them out. I also think the Goats milk soap sounds great, soft skin! Thanks for the ideas and review.

  5. Sandra Watts

    I am looking forward to that giveaway. I love that they are all natural. Definitely worth giving them a try.

  6. I like that this has Goat milk which contains many vitamins and it that is also contains important minerals for the skin such as selenium. I need a natural face wash and my skin is oily so this is perfect.

  7. First I want to say I also have some medical conditions, I have a auto-immune disorder, and chronic fatigue have had to have back surgerys extra so engery and me are not close friends, so I am always needing a good, boost as well as I have turned to mostly as much as possible natural products after doing so much reserch and learning that there is some creepy and scary stuff in some things, I turn into a monster from ….. at that time of the month so that tea looks amazing and would love to try it. although all those products look great and i really want to check into them. thank you for sharing this review.

  8. I would love to be able to use the body scrub. Also the goat’s milk soap looks like it leaves the skin feeling soft too.

  9. Dorothy Teel says

    I love that these products are non GMO and that is a healthier aspect for our skin and bodies, I like you have past the child bearing times, but I love the idea of how goats milk lotion makes you feel and the benefits of using it. Now I could definitely use the energy tea because that is something I lack ENERGY>>lol

  10. Jennifer Hiles says

    Sounds like another amazing company. I’ve heard of them before but have never tried their products. Sounds like I should! I tried Goat’s Milk Soap before and loved it. My husband went on and on about the new soap we were using. We both really noticed a difference. I would love to try some of their products.

  11. Debbie Bray

    The herbal teas sound great!! I like the idea of feeling energized naturally.

  12. The Review on Nourish your Body Naturally With Anna Naturals! The Tea sounds wonderful and so does the Goat Milk Soap and the Glowing Mama Face & Body Scrub! I like you have fibromyalgia and lack of energy! If It worked for you, maybe it would work for me as well! I enjoyed reading all about the Anna Naturals and I’m going to be looking into them sometime in the future! Thanks so much! Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…September Rhyme to Read Giveaway (ends 10/1)My Profile

  13. I really want to try that goats milk soap. I love that stuff!
    Sandra watts recently posted…Fall Trends From Carter Oshkosh B’gosh Canada #Giveaway – Featured On Hypersweep.comMy Profile

  14. I feel like I have no energy, none at all. Thank you for your review. I love the description of the Energy Tea. Not only does it give energy, but as you said it also contains essential antioxidants!

  15. I would really like to try the face and body scrub. Thanks so much for the info

  16. I bet that walnut scrub and goat milk soap would do wonders for my dry eczema skin. I have to be careful of what I use because of RA. No chemicals at all, so this all natural scrub would be great to get rid of the dry dead skin. The goat milk soap would help keep it soft.
    Rhonda Martin recently posted…#Beautiful #Horses & People Life Is Good~!My Profile

  17. Maggie Holcomb

    I will try every facial scrub out there. And being a natural product makes me feel very good about this one!

  18. I can’t wait to try the tea and my daughter has horrible cramps so she would like this tea.

  19. Jane Wohlers says

    Looking forward to the giveaway. Lovely products and great review…,

  20. I saw this product on Zulily and whenever I see any essential oils, I pause and think, “How do I make sure this is completely natural?” Since you’ve reviewed some products, but it doesn’t say anything about their essential oils, do you know anything about them? I’d really love to know.

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