Our one-eyed kitten

You may have seen on my Facebook page that we adopted a kitten a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, it was inevitable. Our daughter LOVES cats. We knew we would get one, but honestly we didn’t plan on getting one so soon! I knew the decision would ultimately be my husband’s because he had a “criteria” that had to be met! haha Well, we were in another town getting my husband’s canoe registered (funny story – apparently if you use a little trolling motor on your canoe it has to be registered as a boat in the state of Texas. Who knew?). There was a PetSmart there, and our pup was in desperate need of new nail clippers. She’s a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff), so you can’t really just pick up nail clippers anywhere because they have to be the heavy-duty kind! I knew when we were in there we’d HAVE to go look at the cats for adoption because we always do! They had quite a few kittens, which is rare for the closest store. We even decided to look at a couple! Well, our new kitten, Bartholomew was THE ONE. He was very laid back, sweet, not phased by the kids, and he passed my husband’s “tests.” I was actually walking around the store with the little guy more than seeing the kittens, so I was surprised when I was told “this is the one!” Wow! I was excited because whether I admitted it or not I did want a cat! 🙂 Another special characteristic of our new kitten – he was born with only one eye. It was actually a genetic defect that his mother had as well. He’s only 4 months old, and I don’t think he even knows that it’s not “normal” since he was born that way! It definitely doesn’t seem to affect how he interacts with the world!

So, our new kitten came home with us that day! 🙂 We changed his name because the one he had was, well, silly. haha We named him Bartholomew after the famous pirate “Black Bart”/Bartholomew Roberts – my husband’s great, great, great, etc. uncle! (OK, that’s a totally different blog. I know almost everybody with the last name of Roberts claims to be related to him, but my husband has The family Bible that is always passed to (and signed by) the youngest male in that generation, and his name is definitely on there! Cool, right!?) Anyway, he fit right in at home! He took to Caprice (our pup) right away (though she was a bit nosy and jealous), and he does great with the kids! We have to remind the kids to be gentle often, but he does so wonderfully with them! He definitely is “the one” for our family! So awesome! And we got one of those self-cleaning litter boxes – best investment EVER! LOL Everything has just been absolutely perfect!

Caprice and Bartholomew

One thing that I didn’t expect is the number of people (including the foster mom who called to follow up a few days later) who have said we are “awesome” or “sweet” or whatever adjective they chose for adopting a one-eyed kitten. I honestly don’t know how to respond. As you can probably gather from my post – we didn’t choose him because he has one eye. It actually didn’t affect our decision at all! It was his personality that won us over! He truly is the perfect cat for our family! So then I feel kind of guilty because I feel like I was supposed to be the “hero” for adopting a one-eyed cat when in reality we were still using the same standards we were using on adopting ANY cat. We do think it makes him wonderfully unique, of course, but it didn’t persuade us to adopt him! So yes, it always feels nice to adopt a pet, but I’m not taking any extra credit for adopting an animal with a unique birth defect that doesn’t at all affect him! I feel like more of a “hero” for adopting a 125lb mastiff (well, she was only like 30lbs and a puppy when we rescued her) who was abused and put in a crate after being taken away from her mom at 4 weeks old. Now SHE has some issues! Poor pup! We’re continually working with her, though, but her anxiety is through the roof – particularly around men!

So yes, I do always encourage people to adopt their pets! Yes, it is an awesome feeling when you do knowing you’ve given a home to a pet that may not otherwise have found one! There are SO MANY that need loving homes! But I’m not taking any EXTRA credit because the truth is – he IS the perfect kitty for us, and he fits right in here and it wouldn’t matter to me whether he has one eye or if he had 2, what color he was, etc. He is the sweetest little kitten, and I’m so glad we could give him a home! 🙂

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  1. Ada Miller says

    This is such a sweet little story and you all should feel very proud of yourself for adopting him. Personally I think that anyone that adopts any animal is a hero,because had they not that little animal might not have made it today. It seems not many folks today want to adopt from shelters and would rather pay some high price for a animal which is very sad.

    Your new addition is so cute and so is your dog! When my Dad passed we took on his boxer which had separation anxiety which was very hard to deal with. She was liking having a small child at home,because you just couldn’t leave her home alone. Well you could,but if you did she would mess in the floor and be foaming from the mouth where she ran the whole time we was gone. We took her into the vet. to see what we could get for her to calm her down,but the high priced medication they gave didn’t work. I watch the animal planet all the time and had seen a show where they was working with a dog that had separation anxiety and they would step outside,then open the door etc to teach the dog you was coming back,but that didn’t work either.

    Anyways congrats on your new addition and thanks for sharing your story!

    • You’re welcome! I agree! I see it all the time – less and less people are choosing pet adoption. It’s so sad. 🙁 In my years when I was a dog trainer I’d see so many brand new AKC registered, pure-bred puppies coming in and so many people saying they were at their wit’s end and needed help now or they were going to take the puppy to the shelter. It broke my heart that they were even considering it, and it was a lot of pressure as the trainer to make sure that wouldn’t happen! Our pup is definitely a handful, and I’ve definitely worked through the behavior training to no avail, but I have yet to try prescription medication. It’s something we’ve been considering, though!

  2. such a sweet story. I think it was fate, ya’ll were suppose to go down to see that cat. We took in two kittens the friday of Father’s Day weekend. We have never had a pet and decided two would be best so the other wouldn’t get lonely. I fell for them the minute I saw them and have never regretted it. Seems Bartholomew is a perfect name. Can I ask what they had for him before?
    Homemom3 recently posted…Summer Flashback Friday- Childhood snacksMy Profile

    • Aw, congrats on your new adoptions! Our kitten’s name on the paperwork was Dan-D-Lion. So when they said it of course we thought they were saying “Dandelion.” Seriously, we just couldn’t have a mail cat with a name that sounded like a flower (well, I guess technically a weed). LOL

  3. This is a great story. My daughter has a cat named Jorja and I have dachshunds who are brothers. My daughter just had a baby in October and Jorja is feeling quite lonely. She has adopted me to be with now and get love. The baby has caused the animals to be so jealous, they are like kids too.

  4. I love it! I adopted two cats last year. I just love them to pieces =D

  5. I love your one eyed fur baby. We just adopted a full grown cat and we love her. I would like to get a self cleaning litter box .

  6. He’s so lucky to have a family like you.

  7. Love the story of how you adopted Bartholomew he is adorable! Love his light coloredness and markings 🙂 I have two cats named Butterfinger and Peanut they are brothers too which is neat 🙂 Im a huge animal lover and as soon as me and my boyfriend have a bigger place I definitely want to adopt a doggy! Thanks for your heart touching story adopting a pet is always the best!

  8. Maddie Klingaman says

    Oh your new kitteh is so adorable and cute. We are going to be getting a new kitten soon because my one big guy Hamlet really needs a play partner. My hope is that if I get a kitten he will grow to love it and play with it so he will leave my old girl Abigayle alone.
    Congrats on your new adoption.

  9. peggy greco says

    I think its wonderful you adopted cat and thanks for sharing.

  10. I have adopted almost all of my pets. I love adopting kitties and doggies. I love him, he is so cute!

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