OshKosh B’gosh

Disclosure: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

OshKosh B'gosh

I still remember when I was a kid seeing the OshKosh B’gosh commercials on TV. I also remember wearing OshKosh B’gosh then, too! I love sharing my experiences with our children, and this is true of brands I grew up with as well! We moved a month ago and upon unpacking I discovered many of our kids’ clothes were too small or out of season, so a trip to the OshKosh B’gosh store is just what we needed!

With three children clothes shopping can be tough. Just to get one outfit for each child can be rather costly. Usually all three of them need new clothes around the same time, though! If we sacrifice quality for cost, though, we end up with clothes that have holes in them within a couple of months (or sooner) because our kids are so rough! I knew from experience that OshKosh B’gosh has a quality that is well-suited for our rough and tumble kids, but how would the cost be?

We received a $100 Gift Card to facilitate our shopping trip, and to be honest, I expected that we would be able to get *maybe* a pair of jeans for each child, which they all needed as the temperatures are starting to get a little colder down here in Texas. I was pleasantly surprised to discover we got SO MUCH MORE!

With just $100 we were able to get jeans with a warm fleece lining and long-sleeve shirt for our daughter; jeans, khaki pants, and a t-shirt for our oldest son; and jeans, corduroy pants, a button up shirt, and even shoes for our youngest son! Yes, shoes! Sometimes shoes alone would take up half the amount of that Gift Card! Even good quality pants can cost well over $20 each! (I did also have a coupon that I will be sharing at the end of my post!)

OshKosh B'gosh

The quality of the OshKosh B’gosh clothes are just what they have always been. They are well made and tough enough to stand up to our rough kids! There is just nothing flimsy about their clothes! I was really impressed by the fleece-lined jeans. I think they are great for the cold season. Not only that, but they also met a special need for our daughter. She has been refusing to wear jeans due to her sensory issues. They are in overdrive right now since we’re still getting settled from our move and she is out of routine. She was complaining that jeans were too rough and uncomfortable. So finding a pair of jeans with soft fleece on the inside was an unexpected surprise! She now has a pair of jeans she can wear without complaints!

Another feature I appreciate about the OshKosh B’gosh pants is that all of them have the adjustable waist. All three of our kids are small for their age, and most pants that fit them in length are too big in the waist. An adjustable waist is a necessity. The elastic used for their adjustable waist is very sturdy. It made it a little hard for me to get the button through at first, but I’d rather have trouble getting the button through than have elastic that is flimsy and loses elasticity quickly!

OshKosh B'gosh

The shirts we got for our daughter and youngest son are part of this season’s fashion, and they are so perfect for this time of year. Our daughter LOVES cats, so it was really easy to pick a shirt for her. I like how it is unique, has a bit of sparkle and has a cute button in the back. The button up shirt we got for our youngest son has the perfect seasonal colors, and as someone who sews, I am really impressed by how sharp the seams are! They look amazing, and the material is sturdy, too!

The OshKosh B’gosh shoes we got for our youngest are also perfect for the cold season. They are similar to boots but without the restricting high ankles. They are made of sturdy material but still flexible so he can walk easily without having to “break them in.” The bottom of the shoes have some traction, and they are fastened with a velcro strap. Our little guy can be picky about shoes since he also has sensory issues, but he hasn’t complained about wearing his new shoes!

OshKosh B'gosh

Overall, I’m really excited about how our shopping trip to OshKosh B’gosh went! We got a lot more clothes than I imagined, and they are all of good quality and stylish as well!

Are you ready to check out some of this season’s fashion? Head to your local OshKosh B’gosh store or shop online. Not sure if there is a store near you? Use their store locator!


Before you start shopping, though, be sure to grab this OshKosh B’gosh Coupon for 25% off your purchase of $30 or more! This is the coupon I used for our purchases! You can use it in the store or online!

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  1. Kattzz Lewis says

    I grew up with OshKosh B’gosh for my kids. Now I have a great grandson and can’t believe they are still going strong. Going to see the old commercials.

  2. Nicole Becker says

    WOW!! That is alot of clothes for $100. I used to love putting my kids in Osh Kosh and I still to this day put Osh Kosh on my granddaughter. They have really good sales all of the time and always have coupons to go with the sales.

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