A New Perspective: Personality Traits

As I shared, my “theme” this year seems to have defined itself: Perspective. I continue to prayerfully consider my perspective on both every day life occurrences as well as the more complex things in life. One that was constantly nagging me were personality traits – particularly those of our kids. Having special needs kids sometimes I am the one that is guilty of labeling a personality trait negatively and sometimes it others who don’t know or understand our kids that use a negative connotation with their personality traits. So I want to walk through how I have changed perspective in regards to their personality traits.

B: Bossy = Confident. He knows exactly how he likes things to be.
Hyper = Exuberant, full of life!
Too Literal = He knows facts and understands truth.
Outspoken = He loves to socialize and is imaginative!

A: Bossy = Organized. She’s a planner and knows how to get things done.
Sensitive = Empathetic. She really feels emotions deeply – including those of others.
Refuses to be Wrong (Perfectionist – can be looked at in a negative tone) = Always wants to get things right. Pays close attention to detail. Perfectionist – in the good sense of the term!

C: Bossy = Strong-willed. This is a boy with determination!
Rough = Strong. He is physically strong. Due to being a sensory seeker he often pushes the limits, but he has such a kind heart that I know he doesn’t have mean intentions.
Anti-social = Selective. He chooses social connections carefully.

One thing you may notice is that one negative trait branched out into a totally different positive trait for each of our kids. I think it’s easy to group personality traits into negative traits, but a little harder to see them for the positive uniqueness that they really offer. Maybe you see negative traits in others or even yourself. I want to challenge you to look at them from a different perspective. Consider God’s perspective. How does He see others? How does He see you? Our kids are all very unique, and they are a huge blessing in our lives. Some days can, indeed, be frustrating, but I have to remember how unique each of them are and how special they are. It can really help to make it through a hard day when I look at it through a positive perspective!

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  1. Interesting, I’m a mix of a bunch of those depending on the day…:)

  2. I really like this. We spend so much time thinking of the negative and the flaws when there are so many good things. Each child has their own God given personality and we can’t change that.

  3. I can say I use to be a type A but have had to change my ways to do my health now I am between b & c

  4. I totally love this. See, you’re right. It’s all about perception. What one may see as a negative trait (sensory seeker), another sees strength.
    I try so hard to be as laid back about things as possible, though I am still occasionally quite uptight. But my little Nugget is most definitely bringing the giggles into my life and teaching me to enjoy each moment as it is, without worrying about everything else.

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