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The Home Educating Family Association offers a great variety of planners. Although I was unable to attend The Declare Conference this year due to being ill, one of my friends sent my swag bag to me. In it, I received an On the Go Planner from HEDUA, and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I try to do everything electronically, but there is just something about having everything on paper right in front of you that just helps out tremendously sometimes – like right when you’re in the midst of a move!

The On the Go Planner is their purse sized planner that is an organizer, day planner, and home management system in one. It’s designed for busy ladies like myself who are often on the go! Despite being “purse sized,” it is still full of MANY resources! It contains over 200 pages with beautiful designs and colors.

The very beginning of the planner begins with a page to write down goals, which I love! It also has Jonathan Edwards’ 70 Resolutions. It’s an amazing read, and we are encouraged to read one per week. I admit, I may have read more than one a week because I really think they are wonderful! I love how he introduces them by acknowledging he can’t do them without God’s help. I know I can’t either!

Then there is an area to help with home management such as homemaking projects and a daily cleaning schedule. Since we are not yet completely unpacked I haven’t yet set this schedule, but this is definitely a feature I love. I always think it is important to have a daily cleaning schedule particularly when you have children because things can get messy quickly!

Homemaking Planner

The On the Go Planner also includes a community Greeting Card Registry as well as 4 pages for “Staying in Touch,” which is where you can write down all the contact information for your friends and family. I have yet to do this, but yesterday I wish I had because I needed some email addresses in a pinch, and it was hard to pull them up on my phone with such a time restriction!

Address Book

Then you can write down your plans for the year and any additional notes. I really like that it has this yearly option up front so you can write out the “big picture” ideas, goals, plans, etc. instead of just having the monthly goals. I think it is important to have both.

Each month then is broken down into a few important sections. The first section is the Monthly Record for Money Management. This area includes monthly income and expenses. It allows for 2 additional sources of income (in addition to salary), covers all the basic expenses and allows six more spaces to write additional expenses. There are 3 columns for “Budget,” “Actual,” and “Difference.” This is a great way to stay on budget and see how well we are doing with money management! The next page even allows for more details so I can write notes about the expenses.

(I am using blank pages for reference for my pictures for privacy reasons, of course.)

Money Management

Then the month is broken down by days. This is such a great feature for me because I like to make a lot of notes. Just a basic monthly calendar doesn’t allow that type of flexibility. So not only does it break the month down by days, but at the bottom it also has a place for notes for “Household Projects,” “Purchases to Make,” “Events Reminders,” “Birthdays & Anniversaries,” and “Bills to Pay.” I love that last one because it seems like something obvious we should remember yet my husband and I both have to look at bill due dates often. I love having them right in front of me! There is additional space for notes, and a faith-based quote.

Daily Planner

Then, there is a month-at-glance page, so you do have a full month calendar in front of you. I write important appointments on the month calendar that aren’t flexible so when I am scheduling a doctor appointment or something else that is important I know what days/times I absolutely can’t make the appointment. I also love that the month calendar has a Bible verse on each day. It doesn’t have the full verse written out, but rather suggest a verse to read like 2 Cor 15-16. This is a great way to have organized Bible time with the family!

Monthly Planner

With the holidays coming up, who wouldn’t benefit from a little more organization? The On the Go Planner has 5 pages of Holiday Organization! It includes Christmas Cards, Activities, Online Shopping, and Gift Giving! I haven’t sent out Christmas cards for the past couple of years because I had trouble with organization, but I won’t this year!

Holiday Planner

Can you believe all of that is in their “purse sized” planner? I was so surprised! This little planner packs a big punch! It covers a little bit of everything! I am so glad I decided to give a physical planner a try again because I love having all of this information in one place!

The Home Educating Family Association also offers a variety of other planners like the Well Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner as well as a variety of Student Planners.

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  1. hangontite2000 says

    i would also like to have the student planner for my 13 yr old grandson

  2. Leslie Harris says

    marriage articles

  3. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says

    I like the Reach for the sky in the middle school section. A lot of nice things here, the marriage and family section is nice as well.

  4. Jennifer Astemborski Pierce says

    i love the student planners, it is a great way to teach organization at a young age

  5. Renee Connell says

    Love the planners!!

  6. Donna Wharton says

    Lot’s of planners to choose from for any age 🙂

  7. Akyshia Pearsall says

    I like that their is a encouraging site for home schooling. Love this

  8. Shannon Baas says

    I like the well planned day.

  9. I like alot of their articles and planners

  10. Wendy Mastin says

    I like the free downloads

  11. I like that you can download a meal planner and chore charts from their website that is very helpful

  12. Coupon Ladybug says

    Love the planners and the downloads are great.

  13. They have free downloads for meal calendars, chore charts and more!

  14. Donna Wharton says

    They have everything for your, Whether you are just considering homeschooling your child or a seasoned veteran, HEDUA has something for you.

  15. JJ Caraway says

    I love that they have a section just for special needs, they articles were great and encouraging.

  16. Glad there is a place to plan meals also in this planner! Looks like they’ve really thought of everything.

  17. This would come in so handy, thank you.

  18. Ed Nemmers says

    There is information for Conventions there too!

  19. allison.bahr says

    i love the meal calendars also!

  20. kathy pease says

    I like the

    2013-2014 Student Planner – Tech Style

  21. Buddy Garrett says

    I like the Wall Calendar

  22. Carolyn Daley says

    I like the 2013-2014 Student Planner – Tech Style.

  23. Sandy VanHoey says

    This looks like a great planner and I like that it is purse size. I also like things on paper in front of me. Thank you for sharing this

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