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We love our big ole’ mastiff. She is such a joy to have around and is so wonderful with the kids. Many people describe the large breeds as “gentle giants,” and in her case, it is fitting. To be more specific she is a Cane Corso – the Italian Mastiff. They are the smaller and more athletic mastiffs. Although the females have smaller jowls than the males, they have them nonetheless which means there’s always some drooling and, worse, a not so pleasant smell. OK, by “not so pleasant” I mean awful!

Poor Caprice! It’s not her fault nasty drool and such lingers, right? But we don’t want to smell it either! Because she has anxiety issues, brushing her teeth is really a difficult chore. Sometimes it is virtually impossible. Since my husband and I both have chronic pain issues there are times when neither of us can wrestle a reluctant 125lb dog to brush her teeth! Lucky I have been introduced to PlaqClnz oral gel cleanser.

PlaqClnz not only freshens pets’ breath, but it actually eliminates the plaque and tartar that cause the bad breath as well. The biggest advantage for us is that PlaqClnz is easy to use! Although Caprice is still a little reluctant, it is much easier to apply a few drops of the PlaqClnz oral cleansing gel to each side of her mouth than it is to brush her teeth. There is no doubt about that! Because of the way PlaqClnz works it also mixes with her saliva and gets in her drooly jowls as well, which takes care of that nasty problem that really IS the problem. Simply brushing her teeth didn’t take care of that problem. PlaqClnz is actually a better solution!

In addition to no longer smelling so badly, I do like to know that PlaqClnz also improves her overall oral health by keeping both her teeth and gums healthy. It’s a very well-rounded product in that it doesn’t just fight bad breath, but it doesn’t just clean the teeth, either. It does both! Taking care of your pets’ oral health is very important to their overall health!

PlaqClnz can be used for both dogs and cats. Daily use is important for the best results and maximum effectiveness. You can also go to PlaqClnz’s Find a Groomer page to locate a groomer that sells PlaqClnz as well as offers the PlaqClnz gentle water-based cleansing treatment during a grooming session. This is a good start towards getting rid of built-up plaque and tartar! They also stock PlaqClnz for take-home care to maintain fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums. They will also be able to offer in-person tips and tricks on how to use PlaqClnz effectively and share great reminders such as these:

  • Keep the pet’s head level (not pulled back) when applying so pet does not swallow PlaqClnz without licking it around its mouth.
  • Keep the bottle handy as a daily reminder…. near the TV remote or by your own toothbrushes!

If you’re looking for a way to take care of your pets’ oral health PlaqClnz is a great alternative to brushing or even more invasive procedures. If you have furry friends on your Christmas list or pet parents on your list, PlaqClnz would make a great gift to help kick off the new year right with better oral health!

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  1. What a great product..thank you for telling us about it.

  2. Thanks for the info, but it’s not really a ‘review’ as the title suggests.

    • Hi Michelle, I work hard to be thorough in my reviews, and I shared how I used this with our mastiff, but some products there aren’t as many details that can be included. As I included: she tolerated it well, it mixed with her saliva, which helped with the smell in her jowls as well, and it is easier to use for her than toothbrush and toothpaste because of her anxiety. Is there more specific questions you may have that perhaps I can help answer? Please let me know, and I would be happy to help.

  3. Sandra Beeman says

    Oh, I know that foul sort of breath smell from our beagle. He is so sweet and loves to be close. He takes medicines well and I’m pretty sure he would cooperate for this treatment as well. Here’s hoping.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! Simply calling this product to my attention was really helpful. I’ve been browsing through products on Amazon, trying to find an alternative to cleaning my cats’ teeth with kitty toothpaste and gauze. (I understand that that is preferred/ideal, but they’re ages 6 and 7– I’m having trouble with the toothpaste.) I could write on and on, but I’ll just say “thank you” again!

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