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Pork Chomps

I received a box of assorted Pork Chomps and Premium Pork Chomps products for our mastiff, Caprice, to review. Pork Chomps offer a rawhide free solution for your dog to enjoy.

One of the biggest concerns I shared with the pet parents who took my dog training classes was the fact that rawhide is dangerous. It takes a very long time to digest and actually expands in the stomach, so if your pup manages to swallow a big piece it could get stuck and cause a blockage which could result in surgery – or worse. Sadly, I heard stories all the time about this happening and many didn’t have happy endings. Not to mention most rawhide products contain nasty chemicals that can be dangerous to our pups as well since it is not regulated in the USA. Not only did I want to keep them away from my pup, I didn’t want them in our home where our kids could touch them either!

So when we received this big box of Pork Chomps products I was excited to give them to her to try! Having a large breed dog, what we give her is also a concern because it is more likely she could chew off a big piece. I felt comfortable giving her Pork Chomps knowing they are 99.9% digestible. I also love that there are different varieties and styles. For our review we received a variety Stripz, Knots, Twists, and Earz. Some had a bacon flavor, were wrapped in a sweet potato, or just had the natural pork flavor. So not only are there a variety of styles, but there are a variety of styles as well! Read more about the Pork Chomps difference.

Pork Chomps

Caprice seemed to enjoy all of the different flavors and varieties. There wasn’t one she wouldn’t try! She didn’t seem to favor one type or flavor over the others, though she does like to “bury” the 9″ Knot to chew some now and save some for later! She doesn’t gobble them up like some dogs, but she is very bizarre about hiding her things. She usually hides them under the kids’ beds, but my favorite is when she puts it by the front door and puts a toy over it (think small My Little Pony toy). It’s not exactly hidden!

Something else I really enjoy is that I feel safe about using Pork Chomps, and I feel safe letting my kids touch them (with supervision and still washing their hands after handling of course). This isn’t always possible with natural bones (which is what we had gotten prior) because they may have sharp points, splinter, or basting that makes a big mess that is hard to wash off. Pork Chomps doesn’t stain and actually didn’t leave any color on our hands at all. So they’re able to play with her, which is really nice for all of them!

Another disadvantage of the natural bones is once the basting was gone she wouldn’t touch it anymore. Because Pork Chomps has a natural flavor dogs enjoy there is no worry or need for basting!

Pork Chomps is really a great rawhide free treat that is safer for your pup (and your family). With the variety of styles and flavors there is something for every pup!

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  1. Alison

    I like the fact that it is safe for little hands, especially since my daughter puts everything into her mouth – she looks at it then right to the mouth. Which is good for eating, but then not so good when it comes to everything else. Thanks for the post and I will look into these when we get a dog.

  2. Nicole Becker says

    My dog loves treats!!! She would go crazy if I had these for her. They have such a variety and she loves her rawhide!!

  3. randyfulgham says

    my dog would like these-thanks for sharing

  4. md kennedy says

    You make these sound so yummy – maybe I’d like them as well!

  5. I’m not comfortable with the dangers of real bones either …but these sound great! I know they’d be a big hit here!

  6. Donna Martin says

    Great chew for dogs–healthier for then than beef rawhide.

  7. Indypassionlady

    Oh my little Thorne would go nuts over a box like this!

  8. Great info! I would never give any of my dogs bones – they splinter and could pierce the esophagus or intestines!

  9. rebeccabasset says

    I am glad to know that they are Rawhide free, I will have to check them out as I am always looking for treats for my Girl (Basset Hound), so thanks for the info! I can tell you that it the past my Dog’s have tried to swallow the whole thing, and I have gone into their mouths and had to fish it out. NO MORE Rawhide for my Dog’s!

  10. I am glad to see a company making something to replace rawhide. My dog loves raw hides but I don’t often give them to her because I know they are bad for her…I will look for them when I am at the store again…Thank you very ,much.

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