PurAbsorb Liquid Iron Supplement Review

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Ever since my first pregnancy I have struggled with my iron levels. Even when I improve my diet I know I’m still not getting what I need, and it was suggested I take iron supplements. I do so because I know I should, but it has always been pretty unpleasant. It always seems there is something “wrong” with what I take. Some have been easy to take, but have an awful aftertaste. Some have been not so easy to take in general. Most have been hard on my sensitive stomach.

When I saw the information for purAbsorb liquid iron supplements the first thing that caught my attention was “less side effects.” Could this be what I’ve been wanting? One thing was certain – I was ready to try it!

PurAbsorb is a liquid iron supplement. This means it’s easy to take, and it’s also clinically proven to have a higher absorbency rate, which is always a huge benefit. There is nothing worse than taking a supplement and not reaping the full benefit because it hasn’t been absorbed well! I also learned something new in my introduction to purAbsorb. Most iron supplements contain 65mg when 80% of menstruating women only need 2 mg! So not only have I been taking too much, but because that “too much” was also most likely not being absorbed well it was causing all the side effects that were unpleasant for me. Because purAbsorb has a higher absorbency rate it only contains 5mg of iron, which leaves very little excess, which reduces the chances of those side effects.

When I received my box of purAbsorb I was ready to start using it right away! It comes in really easy and convenient packets. Each packet is the recommended dose. What I find so unique is purAbsorb is a type of naturally occurring iron rich spring water, which means this is a supplement that is as it is. It has no fillers, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no ANYTHING else I tend to worry about when it comes to supplements. It has the iron rich spring water, and that is it. This alone sets it apart from any other iron supplement I have ever taken!

PurAbsorb with juice

To take purAbsorb you can simply open up a little sachet and drink it straight from the sachet or add it to a cup of orange juice, and it is best taken on an empty stomach. Because it is iron rich water it does obviously have a slight iron taste, which is why they suggest adding it to orange juice because it masks the taste. Plus, the Vitamin C in orange juice can also help aid in absorption. I may be the “odd man out,” but I am all about convenience, and I take it straight from the sachets. It does have a slight iron taste, but I don’t find it to be that bad at all! The minor taste was far less bothersome than the horrible aftertaste (and other nasty side effects) of the other supplements I had been taking. I did try it in orange juice to see if it does mask the taste as noted, and it does, indeed. After that, I went back to drinking it straight from the sachets. 😉

PurAbsorb has definitely filled the need I had for a gentler iron supplement without all the side effects that is also easy and convenient. It also filled the need of putting my mind at ease by offering a supplement that doesn’t have all the questionable ingredients! I am really happy with purAbsorb, and so glad to have it as part of my daily wellness routine!

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  1. Gale McCarron

    Like that it has a higher absorbency rate. In the past I’ve had trouble with the digestion of iron, but this seems to be a better preparation and easier to take. Thank you for the review.

  2. I’m definitely interested in trying this! My iron levels are usually fine, but I have a friend that struggles with it. My problem is finding a multi-vitamin or prenatal that has iron but doesn’t make me nauseated.

  3. This looks really intriguing. I’m borderline anemic, and this could really help. Thanks!

  4. candy kratzer wenzel says

    I am telling my friend about this. She had weight loss surgery is now anemic horribly. Her body does absorb iron in pill form so maybe this method would work for her.

  5. It’s a good supplement for this who need it. Thanks for sharing it.

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