Reading is Fun with Arlo

Reading is always more fun with a friend, right? Reading about and going through life experiences like going to the dentist or taking a trip is always nicer with a friend!

Arlo the Elephant

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate my Arlo Review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Early Ink Press offers a series of children’s books featuring Arlo the elephant. Arlo goes on every day adventures that most children will experience or have experienced.

From Arlo:

Hi! I’m a little elephant named Arlo, created by Karisa Lowe and Edmund Boey. I love going adventures, but sometimes they can be scary because I don’t know what’s going to happen! Eventually, I figure out how things really go and it’s usually not so bad! I love helping my young friends get through these same situations by sharing my experiences! Hope you guys enjoy!

The series is great for little ones that may be apprehensive about their first trip or first dentist appointment or going somewhere new. It is also ideal for young readers and any children that love listening to and/or reading stories. Having an Arlo plush by their side makes the experience so much more fun!

For our review we received the Arlo series of books, which includes three books (Arlo Goes to the Dentist, Arlo and the Airplane, and Arlo Goes to the Farmers Market) and an Arlo plush.

Arlo Review

All of our kids have been loving the Arlo books and especially love having Arlo by our side when we’re reading them. They find the stories fun and enjoyable. We’ve already read them all several times!

Our older two children (ages 7 and 8) are also enjoying trying to read them on their own. Due to their special needs, they are both delayed readers, but they have really taken to the Arlo books and work hard to read them. I love that they have an Arlo to practice reading them to because it encourages them to try to read out loud when they may otherwise be nervous about making mistakes. I let them have those moments without interruptions!

Reading is fun with Arlo

I love that Arlo’s adventures are ordinary adventures presented in a fun way. Being a mom of three special needs children, I appreciate books that address important social situations in a way the kids can understand and enjoy. I think it’s great for all kids, but we definitely don’t take any opportunities to help the kids learn about social situations for granted!

I think the Arlo books are cute, fun, and encouraging. Having an Arlo plush really helps to make the experience that much more fun!

For More Information:

Visit the Early Ink Press Website
Connect with Karisa Lowe, Author on Facebook and Twitter
Connect with Arlo the Elephant on Facebook


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  1. Thanks so very much for the Fantastic Review of Reading is Fun with Arlo! This sounds like a very Terrific combination of a buddy and books! I’m going to enter the contest, I think that my Grandson would get so much benefit from these books! Like you know, he has Asperger’s and can sometimes stray while learning! Hopefully with Arlo by his side, he’ll be able to concentrate on the book and feel more comfortable about going places that he’s not sure about going to! Thanks so much for this review and all the information you’ve given to us! I just love this! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…Arlo Giveaway (ends 2/3)My Profile

  2. Arlo is absolutely adorable!! My daughter would have loved Arlo when she was a little one 🙂

  3. Margot C

    That’s an excellent idea to try to temper dentist fear and other anxieties. I used to read with and to my Raggedy Ann doll.

  4. bridgett cardenas

    these books are great for little ones and can really help ease anticipation of the normal worries they have…they are also great for beginner to intermediate readers and the little stuffed character helps the kiddos feel close to their little friend! thank you and good luck to all!

  5. Lula Ruger says

    This looks so cute and I love that the books come with a plush

  6. Michelle Elizondo says

    Great moral to the story!

  7. Deanne Patterson

    What an excellent idea for children and their parents to read together. I know my young children will love this and the plush !

  8. Karen Jaras says

    This would be great for my grandkids as they are now old enough to visit the dentist themselves.

  9. Catherine Wooster

    I love these books and the stuffed animal! I think it’s a great way for kids to learn about something new to them…with a stuffed friend,as well!

  10. judy maharrey says

    I love the book and the plush toy. Would be great for my son.

  11. Debbie Bray

    I like that these are ordinary adventures presented in a fun way

  12. Jennifer Heintz says

    It is great that these books address social situations that children might be weary of. I like that there is a plush animal for them, which will encourage the reading of the book. Thanks for the good review.

  13. Julie Waldron says

    This book & animal look really cute.

  14. I absolutely love the way you incorporated the Arlo plush in your family. What a great idea for your older kids reading out-loud to Arlo. I can see so many good things coming from both the books and the Arlo plush. Thank you for sharing your family’s experiences!

  15. I really love the concept of this book, not to mention Arlo is the cutest!!!
    Meghan recently posted…Win $100 Zulily Gift CardMy Profile

  16. Linda Buzard-Moffitt

    Thanks for the review I need to find more cute good stories to read with My daughter I feel it will help her being as she doesn’t talk yet

  17. Linda Buzard-Moffitt

    The Dentist book would be cute My daughter is getting ready to go to her 1st Real Dentist Appt soon

  18. Karen Jaras says

    I would love this to teach my grandkids.

  19. I’m not crazy, I already commented on this page! Anyway, Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Arlo! He is so cute! I love that he comes as a little friend to help the kids feel more at ease while reading, either by themselves, out loud, or having it read to them! I also love the fact that the books cover things which might be a little scary for kids their first time doing something like going to the dentist, or preschool, etc. I Really LOVE this! I think my Grandson would benefit from these books (along with Arlo)! Thanks so much for the Fantastic review and the information which you provided all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
    Michele Ash recently posted…Arlo Giveaway (ends 2/3)My Profile

  20. Arlo books are the best! And the stuffed animal Arlo is super adorable!

  21. Gloria Walshver

    The review was very helpful thank you.

  22. Cute books. I know my grand kids would love them.
    Sandra Watts recently posted…Java John Z’s : Winter $50 Walmart Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  23. I think my favorite would be Arlo Goes to the Farmer’s Market. We recently had that as a first experience.
    Jayne Townsley recently posted…Arlo the Elephant Giveaway #KidLit | Book Series and PlushMy Profile

  24. I love that the adorable Arlo can help kids to deal with unfamiliar or scary situations – and that a stuffed Arlo comes with every book!

  25. judy maharrey says

    I love reading arlo with my grandson. It is so nice that it has everyday problems and solutions

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