Reusable Coloring Books

I received the products mentioned to facilitate my review. Regardless, I only recommend products I feel would be good for my readers. All opinions are my own and those of my family.

Reusable Coloring Books

Our preschooler hasn’t taken to coloring like our daughter has, though I’m not too surprised since our oldest son isn’t much of a “colorer” either. Yet I want to encourage him to color to develop and strengthen his fine motor skills. All three of our children have fine motor challenges, but I noticed our daughter is doing well with developing her fine motor skills, and I believe her love for drawing and coloring has a lot to do with it!

I needed something appealing for our preschooler – something different than what we already had. When I was introduced to BabyKids I was excited by the possibilities! BabyKids First Learning Years offers products for the transitional period from infant to toddler to preschooler. They offer a variety of products that target the developmental stages of early childhood.

For our review we received two of The Color, Wipe and Color Again reusable coloring books. Each book included a 4-pack of crayons.

reusable coloring book

The books we received were the First Learning Years book pictured above as well as the Christmas Time book! Little did I know the First Learning Years book in particular would serve multiple purposes. Both books have encouraged our preschooler to color. He likes them because they are different. Plus, it is fun for him to color then wipe it off and color again. Because he is also particular about making mistakes the wipe off feature is also nice for him so he can ask me to wipe off a mistake and then continue with the rest of the picture!

Both books are filled with wonderful pictures that are a lot of fun! Of course, our 6 year old daughter has already used both of them multiple times as well. Anything that can be colored will eventually end up in her hands somehow!

What I found interesting, though, is although Chaz liked the characters in the pictures, his favorite pages to color have the alphabet!

First Learning Years Review

Not only has he been coloring and better developing his fine motor skills, but he’s been working on his alphabet, too. This is something he hasn’t had much interest in until recently, so I was really excited about it! He will ask me what letter it is, and then he’ll color it, and we’ll repeat that pattern until he’s finished. Now he is able to name some of the letters before he colors them!

I think the BabyKids First Learning Years products are great for young learners. They have a selection of different products including a Teacher & Parent book with Curriculum Themes and Projects! I am definitely considering adding this to our preschool homeschool year!

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  1. I think that these reusable books are a great idea.

  2. Sandra Beeman says

    What an excellent idea for the younger than school ready crowd. Learning while having fun is a favorite activity of mine for children. I must admit there’s something very calming about coloring. I still join in.

  3. Alicia Owen says

    These are so cool! Enough so that I’m checking out what else they offer. 🙂

  4. Victoria Farrell-Gollihugh says

    That’s awesome that his favorite page is the alphabet! He’ll learn quickly as you find things that interest him as you are. What a great Mama! So glad you were able to receive this product to enjoy yet another confirmation that you have a smartie lil’ guy!!! 🙂

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