Rogers Family Organic Coffee {Review}

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Organic Coffee

I love coffee! A challenge is finding a coffee that I enjoy that also doesn’t make me worried about what’s in it. I was very excited to try Rogers Family Company Organic Coffee. Their coffee isn’t just a label. It is USDA certified organic – 100% organic, and that is something I can feel good about! The Rogers Family Company has been providing 100% shade-grown, Arabica coffees and sustainably-grown teas for over 33 years!

For my review I received Six 2 oz. Trial sizes of a variety of their 100% Organic Coffees, and the only way to do them justice is to talk about each one individually! One thing I did notice about ALL of the varieties is they all smell so FRESH when you open the bags. It is wonderful!

Gorilla Decaf

The 100% Organic Gorilla Decaf Coffee is described as being “strong yet mellow.” It is decaffeinated by using the Natural Water Process. I do think “strong yet mellow” is an accurate description! Although it is hard to choose a favorite, I would have to say this is actually my favorite. The taste is so smooth while still having plenty of flavor. Some may find this totally bizarre, but I actually like to have a cup of coffee in the evening when I’m working online, and so not only is this my favorite because of the taste but also because the decaf makes it perfect for my evening coffee! I am actually not one to “stay awake” due to caffeine anyway, but less caffeine in the evening is best I’m sure!

Hurricane Expresso

The 100% Organic Hurricane Expresso Coffee is described as having a “whirlwind of dark roasts blended to give a potent, vibrant cup with a calm aftertaste.” I personally lean more on the side of medium to even light roasts whereas my husband favors the dark roasts. For him, it’s the darker the better. I feared this would be too dark for my taste, so I thought he would be better suited to review it, but he insisted I try it as well. Although it is a dark roast, both he and I enjoyed it. That is rare! I’m glad he told me to try it, though! It really is full of flavor and yet smooth, too. I was pleasantly surprised!

Zen Blend

The 100% Organic Zen Blend Coffee is described as “a perfect balance of Central American arabicas. Light and smooth, for a meditative start to your day.” As you may guess, this was right up my alley! Light and smooth is just what I like, and the Zen Blend really delivered. Again, it smelled so FRESH. I had to be careful with the Zen Blend because this was one I could have too many cups if I wasn’t counting! It’s so smooth I could just drink it all day!

Organic Coffee Review

Java Love

The 100% Organic Java Love Coffee is described as “an exotic and syrupy blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees.” I’m not sure how to describe this blend myself other than “unique.” I haven’t tasted anything quite like it, and that is a compliment! Unique is good! It is flavorful and the perfect coffee for a change in routine!

French Roast

The 100% Organic French Roast Coffee is what you would expect with the name “French Roast.” A smoky, bold taste. As I mentioned, I don’t tend to prefer the dark roasts, but I don’t necessarily dislike them, either. I had my husband review it with me as well, though, to give an opinion from someone who prefers the dark roasts. Compared to other French Roast coffees I can say we have been missing out. Rogers Family Organic French Roast Coffee just tastes so fresh. Others taste stale in comparison. I knew it would be different as soon as we opened the pack and smelled it! If you are a fan of French Roast, you definitely need to try it!

Breakfast Blend

The 100% Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee is described as “a bright and flavorful blend of the finest, organic Central and South American coffees. A perfect way to start the morning.” I will have to agree. Just like I loved the Gorilla Decaf at night, the Breakfast Blend was great in the morning! It’s a regular roast, both smooth and fresh. Perfect for that pick me up I need!

Overall, I am so impressed with the Rogers Family Organic Coffee. They all offer so much flavor and taste so fresh. I also love that the Rogers Family Company takes very seriously the quality of their coffee. Not only are they 100% organic, but they care about how they are grown as well. They are only grown on farms that have specifically become certified organic as well! Talk about going the extra mile to ensure the best! See more about how their coffee is Responsibly Grown.

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  1. Kathy Czarnopis Stuit says

    I love coffee especially on these cold winter Michigan days and evenings. Never heard of this coffee. Really want to check it out.

  2. David Smith says

    I have a pot of coffee every morning and when I was working, I;d drink coffee all day long. Yes, I love coffee, especially if it is really good coffee. I prefer Sumatran or Sulawesi origin coffees, but also like the Central American origins too. I am giving my fiance a Cuisinart K-Cup (Keurig) coffee maker for Christmas and I can’t wait to try out all the different kinds of coffee for it. I’ll keep my eye out for the Rogers Family coffee too. The machine comes with a K-Cup that you can put your own coffee in, so we don’t have to just use the expensive pre-filled ones. Thanks for the review.

  3. Gale McCarron

    These definitely have me intrigued, especially because it’s 100% organic. Thanks much for the review!

  4. sherry butcher

    I love dark roast coffees and the expresso sounds just perfect for me. I’ll be looking for the Rgers Family organic coffee.

  5. CouponDivaAndi

    cmon Whole Foods get this coffee in! 😀

  6. Cheshire Cat says

    I love dark roast coffee’s, trying to find organic in a store near me is hard. Thanks for the review!

  7. My mom’s a huge coffee fan. She’s loved their product.

  8. Cher Garman says

    Thank you for this excellent review. My husband and I are big coffee drinkers, and it is very helpful to read reviews like yours. We are always on the lookout for great coffee, and this company has wonderful varieties!

  9. Coffee snob here…I love a good dark strong cup of coffee here with a lot of creamer. Great review.

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