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If you’re a small business owner whether it be items you make, wholesale, distributor, direct sales, network marketing, etc. I’m SURE you’ve run into this dilemma. Is it worth it to give out samples or even give away products? Overall, I think the answer is “yes,” but sometimes it feels like the answer is “no.” As you know I’m about to do some reviews and giveaways here on my site and my Facebook Page. Those that are donating to this are very generous and I’ll be requiring some “leg work” in order to win! You see, as business owners we participate in these sort of things in order to get exposure. We believe in our products – it’s why we do what we do!! We want to share what we offer to everyone! We believe in them and what we do so much that we’re trusting if we get samples or full products or gift certificates such as in a giveaway we’ll get a happy “customer” and referrals from them as well as repeat business! I say “our,” but I suppose I can only speak for myself, so I will say “my.” My hope is if someone tries my product(s) for free they will love it enough to purchase it or refer it to a friend/family member. Perhaps they won’t love it. That’s always a possibility, but hopefully they’ll still think of someone who will as a “thank-you” for letting them try it! Samples aren’t free. Products aren’t free. Gift cards/gift certificates certainly aren’t free. I think with Direct Sales in particular people who aren’t actually IN Direct Sales get the impression that when we offer samples they are extremely inexpensive for us or they’re free for us. Inexpensive MAY be the case, but certainly not free. I offer discounts for certain holidays, events, or sometimes just because. Those are MY choices and yes, I will continue to do it because I love my clients/customers/friends/family, etc., and it’s my way of rewarding them for supporting me – and in turn, my family! Sometimes with direct sales your company may have awesome specials so that isn’t often (if ever) necessary! I definitely have that with some of mine, which I just LOVE! It has saved me so much!

So the question is – do you feel like you’re paying more than you’re making? Well, you might be. With any business you must invest to get a return. We’d like to see that return happen as quickly as possible, but sometimes it takes a while. Just have confidence that if you keep working your business every day there WILL be a turnaround point. Business isn’t just about samples! Obviously we have to get the word out in more than just samples and though they may be recommended I haven’t seen any  business yet where they are REQUIRED. So the question is – do you do it or not? That’s a decision you personally have to make based on your personal situation, finances, etc. If you’re working in Direct Sales I suggest following the system your business has in place and your sponsor/mentors! They’ve gone before you! They’ve been where you’ve been and are a reflection of where you’re going! That is first and foremost always my recommendation!

So, I will, personally, continue to offer discounts, participate in giveaways, share samples, etc. – with discretion. Unfortunately, it’s a tough economy. We all know that. It’s why many of us do what we do! My experience with samples? Well, not so good at this point. I’ve done Expos where I’ve offered giveaways and given away some nice prizes! The results of the giveaway – none. Absolutely none. No sales, no referrals, nothing. It can be discouraging. I try not to look at it in the negative light because we cannot do that – we must push forward. The truth is you never know when that ONE sample or giveaway will be the best team member you ever had or the most loyal customer that shares what you offer with everyone! You truly never know. I recently sent out samples that valued almost $100 with the samples plus shipping. I can hope that they try it and love it like I do! I can hope they will refer it to friends and family and still get the word out! I’ll also be giving away a door prize for the upcoming Expo as well as giving away a bottle of NeriumAD at my booth! Why do a giveaway at your booth? You can gauge interest in your product and have the ability to follow up on that interest! So it IS worth it!! Since I’m a new Brand Partner with Nerium I haven’t done a giveaway for a bottle yet – or an expo – but WOW am I excited!! 🙂 I have a GREAT feeling about it all!

And I’m excited about the upcoming reviews and giveaways? Why? Because I get to share others’ businesses and get the word out about THEM, and I love that!! I can’t wait to get them started! I’ll be e-mailing and working the final details of everything this week! I’m still looking for a few more participants so if you know somebody that would be interested please let me know!

If you’re on the “other end” of giveaways and samples – please know samples, giveaways, and discounts are generally not free for most business owners and are sometimes very costly. Please recognize that WE VALUE YOU, which is why we do what we do! We have your best interest in mind and what to share our love with you! Maybe a certain product is something you’re not interested in or it isn’t “for you.” I bet you know someone who would love it and benefit from it! Please share the wealth and spread the word! Then we can continue offering you these wonderful discounts, free products, etc.! 🙂 Blessings!




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