Save on Houston Attractions with CityPASS!

Each of our family members received a complementary CityPASS during the GoHouston! Travel Campaign hosted by New Creative Writing and Social Media Marketing, home to Money Saving All opinions are my own.


Something I love about Houston is the fact that there is so much to do. There are museums, the zoo, the Downtown Aquarium, Space Center Houston, Kemah Boardwalk, and so much more! When you’re a family of five visiting so many different attractions the cost adds up quickly! That’s where CityPASS comes in! With CityPASS you get admission to 5 must see Houston attractions for one low price! One ticket booklet saves 49%! When you have a large family that adds up to a lot of savings! For a family of 5 it would be a savings of $187.09. That’s almost $200! So we can enjoy all of these attractions and have extra to purchase souvenirs, which is something we often don’t purchase because of the initial cost of admission!

With the Houston CityPASS you have the option to visit:

If you’re thinking you don’t have enough time to visit all of them – don’t worry! You have 9 days to use your CityPASS, which is plenty of time to fully enjoy each attraction. Since we were only in Houston for a couple of days we didn’t have a chance to use ours to the fullest, but once we move back to the Houston area I plan on using CityPASS often instead of paying for each attraction separately! You can’t beat the savings!

We had a chance to visit Space Center Houston, Kemah Boardwalk, and the Downtown Aquarium.


There are other advantages of using a CityPASS like:

  • Low cost upgrades. An example is at The Downtown Aquarium for only $5/person we could also get full access to all the rides!
  • Additional savings. In the back of the CityPASS booklet you will find additional coupons and savings.
  • VIP lines. Certain attractions offer VIP lines for CityPASS holders.
  • A chance to win $500! After experiencing your CityPASS you can share your experience on their website for a chance to win $500!

Travel tip: Something to keep in mind is CityPASS does not cover parking, so be prepared to pay for parking at certain attractions where parking costs a fee. Many take debit or credit cards now, but I always recommend having cash on hand just in case!

CityPASS is really simple to purchase and use and is also available in the following cities (in addition to Houston) – Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Southern California, and Toronto.

If you’re planning a trip to Houston or live nearby I definitely recommend Houston CityPASS for major savings! Visit their Website for more information!

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  1. Thanks for the review Emilee, I will have to check this out! I used to live in Texas and would travel through Houston but I have no recollection since I was so young so I will have to go back! 🙂

  2. I would love to visit the Space Center. My eldest daughter and I are really into science and discovery. The youngest would really enjoy Houston zoo as well. We live in Australia, but when we do get to visit America I think NASA and the Houston Space Center would be near the top of our list of attractions to see. Thanks for the tip on CityPass.

  3. I really enjoyed using the City Pass because it made seeing the City Highlights so much easier. The upgrades and additional savings were nice too!

  4. Shannon Gregory says

    Looks like a lot of fun, and a great deal too 🙂

  5. Krista Bainbridge

    I think Chicago has a City Pass too – I think it is a great idea to help families visit different places in big cities! Love that you guys were able to do so much!!

  6. Gena Golden says

    I have a friend who just moved to houston last week I will have to pass this on to her!!

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