That was scary!

If you happened to visit my blog around Jan 4th or 5th you may have gotten an ugly red notice from Google. If you did and now you’re back – THANK YOU for being a loyal reader! The issue has been resolved! The whole incident was scary for me! After deciding to focus more on my blog and crafting/sewing business (which will be incorporated in this website), you can imagine the uneasiness I felt when there was a possibility I’d “lose it all.” I have been working hard to make improvements to Pea of Sweetness, and I was afraid it would all be for nothing! You may noticed I have removed a few things from my sidebar, and my site may be loading a little slower than before (because I removed a Caching plug-in), but you should be assured to know I will slowly be adding these things back in and finding great ways to make my site faster! I have also added more protection to my site to ensure this won’t happen again! My husband was out of town, so I didn’t have his usual technical help which I appreciate so much, but I knew I needed to get it resolved ASAP. Plus our internet was going in and out! It was the perfect storm to have something go wrong! I am so blessed that a friend was able to fix everything without losing anything. I am SO thankful!

I did have to pay for some updates and protection for my computer as well, so I’m glad we had some Christmas money. Finances have been very tight due to a pay issue with Joey’s pay that has yet to be resolved after many months. This may be a blessing in disguise since we have been informed once his medical retirement from the Army is complete he may not get his first disability paycheck for a couple of months, so maybe all of that back pay will come then! It definitely makes things a little stressful, but I’m trusting God because he knows best! You may have noticed I added a “Donate” button in my sidebar, and if you ever feel led to donate any amount I want to assure you your generosity will be applied to maintenance of this website and homeschooling supplies for the kids. I realized I never explained that before! 🙂

I know my views have decreased since said incident, so I appreciate that you trusted it would be fixed and hung around! I’d love if you’d share my site with your friends! It would be greatly appreciated! I have some great things coming up! I have more reviews and giveaways coming to you, some great homeschool reviews and fun blog cruise posts with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, more personal content, and (finally) adding a page to showcase my sewing/craft business products! The reviews and giveaways that seem to be coming in swarms at the moment are due to not being able to post them while I had the blog issue, but I will relax back to my “normal” amount within the next few days. I appreciate you SO much, and I’m blessed by your being here!

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  1. Carrie Mullinax says

    Yay its back

  2. Very nice explanation. Those that left your site because of something that was beyond your control I wouldn’t loose any sleep over them.

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