School Stickers Review

Disclosure: We received the products mentioned to facilitate our review. Regardless, I only recommend products I feel would be good for my readers. All opinions are my own and those of my family.

School Stickers

We’re so excited to be starting our new homeschooling year tomorrow! I’ve been getting everything set up and ready. Something I’m excited about including this year are rewards charts from School Stickers. Using rewards systems has been very effective in helping the kids stay on task while we’re doing our lessons, and with the new year, I think a new rewards chart is a wonderful addition!

School Stickers offers a variety of customized awards for both schools and parents. They offer a variety of products such as: reward charts, stickers, postcards and certificates. They even offer products for use around the home like Potty Training rewards, birthday party invitations, chore charts and more! I was surprised to see they have a little bit of everything!

For our review I chose the Farm Rewards Charts as well as coordinating Farm Rewards Stickers. I received 2 charts – one for each of our older two children and a sheet of stickers for each of them personalized with their names.

School Stickers Review

Although our preschooler will be joining in on some of our lessons this year, our oldest two children (ages 7 and 6) are taught at the same grade level, so they do all of the same lessons, which means they also receive the same amount of opportunities for rewards. Because of this, I also use the same rewards system for both of them. I love that School Stickers offers so many kinds because I could choose to keep all their charts the same, or I could choose to have different charts for them! Since we all love farm animals and our home has a lot of farm decorations, I knew the Farm Rewards Chart was fitting!

This past week we have been getting everything ready for our homeschooling year, which means we have our Farm Rewards Charts hanging and ready to go! Brayden and Aurora were both allowed to pick a sticker for a reward for helping me get everything ready! From here on out we will be keeping a smaller chart for daily rewards, and if they receive at least 5 “stars” for the day they will be allowed to pick a sticker for their Farm Rewards Chart! Once the chart is full I will allow them to choose a small prize.

Rewards Chart Review

I love the quality of the School Stickers Reward Charts. The charts are very sturdy and hang easily. Because they are sturdy, you could also choose not to hang them and get them out to add a sticker when a reward is earned. Of course, I love that the stickers are personalized. One of the biggest problems I have had with using stickers for rewards is that the kids argue over the stickers! Of course, then they lose out on rewards because they’re arguing! With the personalized stickers there will be no arguing because there is no doubt to whom they belong!

I am definitely excited to be adding the School Stickers reward charts to our rewards system and will be looking into their other products we can incorporate into both our homeschool and around our home as well!

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  1. gtpgirl19 says:

    This is a great way to keep kids on track!

  2. MintaBoggs says:

    I love these and would have been awesome to use when my kids were little. Especially if there were any elephant

  3. These are very cute. We use reward stickers too. Great for chores and just everyday stuff like brushing teeth ect.

  4. Simple Mama says:

    I really like this farm themed rewards chart! Stickers are always a win with little ones. Great way to motivate them and help keep them focused.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. This is adorable…I would love these if I was a teacher or I had kids…

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