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We may not have a “traditional” school year, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get giddy when the new Schoolhouse Planners were released. Regardless or school year beginning and end dates, the planners make the transition seamless because you can use what you want and need from them. They are beautiful and full of not only great planning guidelines but great information, too! “Big Mama” has over 800 pages of great planning and resources! One of my favorites, which I mentioned in my review is the Special Learners planner. It has additional resources for homeschooling special needs children.

Members of get ALL of these planners for FREE with their membership! Membership starts at just $3 for the first month and $12.95/month after. It is full of so many resources including these great planners! Each planner can be purchased individually as well for those that are not members. Here is more information about each planner:

homeschool plannerThe “Big Mama” Planner, as I mentioned, has over 800 pages of forms and resources! It has everything you need to stay organized and stay on track! The “Big Mama” is $39.00 when purchased individually. The “Big Mama” includes:

  • Helpful articles that are written by homeschooling experts. Not only are they homeschooling experts – they are homeschooling parents as well.
  • Organization. It has calendars, planning pages, field trip logs, and transcripts.
  • Must-have lists. This includs books of the Bible, grammar and spelling rules, a periodic table of the elements, U.S. Presidents and more!
  • Household organization: That’s right! The “Big Mama” also includes information for the household such as: chore charts, grocery lists, and meal-planning charts.

special needs plannerThe Special Learners Planner has some extra forms and information for those that are homeschooling special needs and gifted children. The Specials Learner Planner can be purchased for $29.00 when purchased individually. The Special Learners Planner Includes:

  • Helpful articles written by special needs experts as well as homeschooling parents of special learners. I find the articles not only helpful but encouraging as well!
  •  Organization. It has interactive calendars, planning pages, and household organization charts.
  •  An SEP (similar to an IEP), medical and therapy forms (a great way to track all of those appointments), and weekly food and behavior diaries. The weekly food and behavior diaries are a great way to see if there is any correlation to food and behavior as well.
  •  Task analysis cards with visuals to help teach life skills. You don’t have to make them on your own anymore!
  • Recipes. Many recipes they can help make and many are gluten free!

primary homeschool plannerThe Primary Schoolhouse Planner includes skills your children need to get organized and gain independence. It helps them to get involved in the planning and organizing process in both their education and around the home. The Primary Schoolhouse Planner can be purchased for $9.95 when purchased individually. The Primary Schoolhouse Planner Includes:

  •  Interesting and engaging articles written just for primary students. If they are younger, it’s also great time to read together.
  •  Information lists such as Caldecott and Newbery award winners, grammar rules, story starters, math tables, and animal classification chart. These are very handy to have on hand particularly when you can’t access the internet for information.
  •  Organization. It has Calendars, planning pages, field trip report sheets, book and video logs, chore charts and a Bible reading schedule.
  •  Tasty recipes they can make themselves or assist you with for family time and learning in the kitchen.

intermediate homeschool plannerThe Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner helps your middle schoolers (5th – 8th Grade) build time-management skills. The Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner can be purchased for $19.00 when purchased individually. The Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner Includes:

  • Interesting articles written just for them.
  • Organization. Calendars and planning sheets.
  • Forms for writing goals, course objectives, and book reports.
  • A kid’s financial record, Bible reading schedules, and an address book.

high school plannerThe High School Schoolhouse Planner helps prepare your high schooler for life after homeschool. It helps them further develop time management and organization skills. The High School Schoolhouse Planner can be purchased for $29.00 when purchased individually. The High School Schoolhouse Planner includes:

  • Interesting and encouraging articles written by homeschool graduates, as well as articles written by experts to help with study skills, college planning, and creating a high school course.
  • Organization. It has calendar and planning pages, record-keeping forms, transcripts, and forms for goal planning and objectives.
  •  A guide for planning a high school course of study.
  •  A college checklist. There are forms for tracking scholarship information, and for exploring career ideas. It gives them a chance to write down everything instead of trying to store all the information and ideas in their head!
  •  Personal development. There are logs for tracking community service, discipleship, bible memorization, and independent study.



Would you like a chance to WIN one of these Schoolhouse Planners? Well, how about two? One winner will receive the “Big Mama” planner PLUS another planner of their choice! This giveaway will run through July 14th at 11pm Central Time. It is open Worldwide ages 18+. Please refer to full Terms and Conditions in the Giveaway Tools.

Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I have been given membership to, which includes access to the Schoolhouse Planners. All opinions are mine. Pea of Sweetness is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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  1. I’d like to win the Special Needs/Gifted planner, because my son is both special and gifted! 🙂

  2. Kristinn Doug Patterson says

    Would love to win a planner!

  3. Stephanie Parker says

    I SOOOO need this! I would probably pick the Special Needs one as my extra one and then purchase the middle school one. I sure hope I win! Thanks for offering this opportunity and sharing about them.

  4. chelesa sims says

    I would pick the special needs planner because I have children in both categories.i have a intelligent 5 year old that is doing 1 st grade work and a 3 year old son who has a speech problem and has a learning problem. It is perfect for me ,I want to homeschool so badly but don’t know what to teach based on grade levels and such.thank you for having this giveaway,this will help your youth to become educated. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Marissa M says

    High School!

  6. Launa Nehi says

    The Primary planner to help my older primary student develop independence.

  7. naomidasher says

    Either primary or special learners’. I’d LOVE to get the big mama one!!

  8. Alison

    I would choose the primary school planner – since both of my children are just starting out in school, thanks!

  9. Kelli Wood says

    I would choose the Primary Schoolhouse Planner because this would be a great tool for my son since this is our first year to homeschool!

  10. I would choose the Intermediate for my oldest who is now in 6th grade.

  11. The Primary because I will give it to my sister 🙂

  12. jennifer aikens says

    I would get the Primary school planner since this would be for my daughter who isn’t old enough for the other planners yet!

  13. Christine Waddell says

    I would choose the the primary.

  14. I would choose the primary planner – we are working on independent learning and this would work wonderfully.

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