A Homeschool Science Curriculum for All Ages {Science Shepherd Review}

When considering a science curriculum for our homeschool, there are so many factors to consider. Does it offer a variety of subjects/topics? Does it support our beliefs? Are there hands-on activities? I was excited to learn more about Science Shepherd because I knew it had all of those factors!

For our Science Shepherd review we received Introductory Science Level A, which my daughter (age 8) has been using 5 days per week. It is a complete science curriculum with a video component, workbook, and optional hands-on activities. I also received an Answer Key as well.

Science Shepherd Review

The Science Shepherd videos are accessed through an account online. They can be accessed wherever you have internet access. There is just one account. Students do not have their own account, and it doesn’t track progress or any type of grading. Because of the way it is set up, you could easily add another student and not have to worry about whether they are on the same lesson. They can each work at their own pace. I am considering having our son use this curriculum as well, so I would simply need to purchase an additional workbook.

The workbook is a spiral-bound book that contains questions to go with the lesson as well as the optional activities. Each lesson is generally 1-2 pages with both fill in the blank questions as well as choose the correct answer questions. In addition to the hands-on activities, there are also activities like crossword puzzles and matching.

As someone who is particular about strange things like starting new things at the beginning of the week, I love that the Science Shepherd lessons are broken down by week and day. Each lesson in the video and workbook notes Week {Number} Day {Number}. I find this makes it so easy to stay on track. If it’s Wednesday, then I know she should be on Day 3. Each week has 5 lessons, though there might also be additional videos and/or pages in the workbook for optional activities.

Science Shepherd Review Books

I find kids learn a lot hands-on, so although the activities are optional, we have been doing them. Some require very little resources that you likely already have. Others require additional materials like pine cones and tin cans. Most of the activities have a corresponding video, but there are also activities that do not have an individual video like drawing a picture based on the lesson.

The Answer Key is just a basic answer key containing all the answers to the questions from the workbooks. There are no instructions, but they are not needed. Everything needed to teach this curriculum is in the videos. There is very little I have to do besides checking her work and helping her with the activities.

The recommended ages for Introductory Science are 6-11. Level A is recommended for ages 6-8 and Level B is recommended for ages 9-11. Although our daughter is 8, she is already at the 3rd Grade level. Although I don’t find Level A to be too easy, I do think she could have done Level B as well.

Science Shepherd Review

Overall, Science Shepherd Introductory Science has been a great addition to our curriculum. Whether you are great at teaching science or are particularly nervous about it, the videos teach everything. It’s great for independent work yet also great for hands-on work together for the activities. Lessons are fairly short and easy to follow.

I think what I, personally, like most about this curriculum, though, is that it starts at the very beginning – God’s Creation. I love that this is a faith-based science curriculum. Plus, it covers a variety of topics like Geology, Meteorology, Astronomy, Underwater Creatures, Flying Creatures, Land Creatures, etc. It’s so nice to have a faith-based science curriculum that covers so much.

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