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Teaching our children Bible verses is important to me. Really getting them to soak it in and memorize verses can be a little more challenging – especially with our son. So I’m always looking for ways to encourage them to really learn Scripture!

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Disclosure: I received the DVD mentioned to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

Scripture Talk Ministries focuses to help families teach their children to hide the Word of God in their hearts. Out of this dream they developed a faith-based DVD that helps children learn Scripture in a way to which they respond well and enjoy! Through Scripture Talk – Making Bible Memory Fun through Hand Motions children learn Bible verses through hand motions. It really helps the verses “stick” in their minds. Even our oldest son who has a harder time with memorization has started saying the verses!

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Upon starting the Scripture Talk DVD there is the choice to “Meet the Teachers,” which is a great introduction! I am so glad they included this feature. I think it makes it more personal. So we got to learn a little about each of the teachers before we began!

Then you can choose the Scripture. If the Scripture includes more than one verse (which many do) it offers the option to watch each one individually instead of playing all of it. I find playing all of it is ideal for us. “Playing All” includes:

  • The kids saying the verses with hand motions. I love this because there are children of different ages, and I think kids learn a lot and are encouraged by watching other children to whom they can relate!
  • The teacher explaining the Scripture in detail. After watching the children, the kids get to learn more about the Scripture. What does it really mean? The teacher really breaks it down in detail in a way kids can really understand!
  • The teacher teaching the children the verses with hand motions. The teacher will read each verse from the passage individually with hand motions. They will say it once and then go over it again so the kids can join in.

Our kids love this! They enjoy watching the other kids, and seeing younger kids even encouraged our older two children (ages 8 and 6) to ask their little brother to join in, too (age 4)!

I love that they go over the Scripture in detail. I think this is a really important step. Most of the time, children will listen to a verse but not really understand it. I love that it helps them to truly understand what they are learning and saying!

Of course, I love the teaching part that includes the verse with hand motions. It really encourages the kids to get involved, which is why I think it is easier for them to memorize the verses. They love it!

Overall, we’re thrilled with the Scripture Talk DVD! It has really encouraged our kids to not only learn more of the Bible but to really soak it in, which is what it’s all about! The Scripture Talk DVD can be purchased on the Scripture Talk Ministries website for $17.99.

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  1. Debbie Bray

    This sounds like a great way to teach children scriptures

  2. Bertha Wilson says

    I want to teach my Grandchildren and the Youth at Church children Bible verses. I think they would have fun memorizing Scripture with this DVD. I like that the teacher on the DVD is teaching the children the verses with hand motions..

  3. I honestly enjoyed reading your review on Teach Children Scripture with Scripture Talk! This seems like a Terrific way to get the bible to your children! I really do love the concept of learning with their hands! It’s a wonderful thing when the children understand and can really relate to a scripture verse. I have a small Children’s Bible here that we read an awful lot and at night time if they ask for a story, sometimes I just tell them one. I’ve already talked about Adam & Eve, Noah’s Ark, Cane & Able, etc. They listen to me as I talk and I often wonder what goes through their minds. Sometimes I don’t even get finished and they are practically asleep! The next time I do that, I’m going to have to start earlier and then ask them questions about what I just said and see how much the are learning. To be honest, I just don’t think my children will sit still for a video like that. I think it a wonderful teaching tool! Thanks for sharing this DVD and your personal notes on the way your own children feel about it! I truly appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  4. Vanessa Binicki

    This is very cool, i would have enjoyed this as a child for sure!

  5. Megan Filzen says

    This was really neat to read!

  6. Sue E

    It’s never to late or early to start teaching about Jesus. What a great idea a scripture DVD! Kids understand easier and quicker if it is shown to them like this & with hand motions! They can watch it over & over again so that the info soaks in & it is for all ages – so big bro or sis can help their younger sibling. It’s a win – win with Jesus!!

  7. Elizabeth H.

    Such a good thing with the DVD!! Most kids love watching something and such a good way to learn the scriptures!

  8. I think that this DVD collection is most excellent for teaching children the meaning and importance of faith.

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