Are you Setting Realistic Goals?

I was going to post my Goals for 2015 this week, but the truth is, I’ve been battling headaches/migraines every single day since January 22nd. Yes. It’s been awful. So to even put together a post with all of my goals for this year at this time isn’t quite realistic. I feel like I’m just getting caught up and going into the new year with my blogging, and we truly are just getting going and easing slowly into our new homeschool year. So, my “Goals for 2015” post will have to wait one more week.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a post I shared on The Homeschool Post last week because I definitely feel it’s relevant! I think we all gear up to set goals for the new year and sometimes we get a little carried away. Or sometimes we hold back because we fear setting goals that are unattainable. So I shared some tips for setting realistic goals.

Setting Realistic Goals

What are your homeschool goals for the new year? Are you starting your new homeschool year like we are or getting back into the routine? How is it going? By now you’re probably getting an idea of whether the goals you have set are realistic or maybe they could be set higher or adjusted to be more attainable for your family. Remember, every family is different, and your goals *should* be different than other families’ goals! Be sure to check out my full post for more tips and encouragement!

One of my goals I’ll share now is to take better care of myself so I can more easily reach goals for our home and homeschool, and that starts with taking care of my health. I hope to feel better soon and share my 2015 goals next week and more regular posts soon! I hope your year is off to an amazing start!


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  1. I first gotta set some goals – then i can tell whether they’re realistic or not 😀
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  2. Lisa Coomer Queen

    I didn’t set goals this year. I set improvements!

  3. Kelli McKay

    I also need to set some realistic goals. And like yourself, I need to start taking better care of myself. I have totally forgotten about myself and it shows. So here’s to taking productive “baby steps” in 2015 and I wish you well and good luck toward your goals.

  4. Please get your migraines checked out, there are just to many things that can cause them that can be very dangerous to you including tumors cyst’s and even blood vassals that can cause hem rage to the brain and death. please look in to the now and don’t worry about the future GOD has that.

  5. Megan Scharlau says

    My goals are usually something I can’t keep up, so I’m working really hard to just keep my head up and stay optimistic this year

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