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Did you know February is Children’s Dental Hygiene Month? We’ve had an interesting start to the new year which included emergency dental trips for both of the boys. One has a tooth that got very unhappy and needs to be pulled and the other had a wire from a previous dental procedure blocking the permanent tooth trying to come in. Phew! The good thing, though? Despite our boys’ special needs (and these special problems), they did really well at the dentist! Our little guy is ready to share his smile!

Show Us Your Smile Kids Dental Tips

Proper dental care is so important. We not only take our kids to the dentist when there are emergencies, of course, but we are sure to take them for regular cleanings and check ups. Not only does this keep their dental health in check, but I believe it also helps them do better when they do have dental related challenges because they have a positive impression of the dentist’s office.

Thanks to Great Expressions Dental Centers for providing resources for my post and sharing these great kids dental tips!

Kids Dental Tips

  • Brush for two minutes, two times a day
  • Floss daily
  • Limit snacks and eat healthy meals

Perhaps your kids need reminders. Ours do, too! I make sure to include brushing teeth (twice) on their daily personal care list to check off as they do them so they remember. We use a sticker system for rewards – after they’ve collected a certain amount stickers they get to shop for a prize. If they forget to brush their teeth, they don’t get their sticker. Needless to say, they started forgetting a lot less after that – and sharing more smiles!

I’m sure you have many pictures showing off your kids’ great smiles, right? What if I told you there is the opportunity to win some amazing prizes by sharing a photo of your child’s photo? Amazing, right?

Show Us Your Smile Photos

To encourage children to participate in good oral hygiene practices, Great Expressions Dental Center has launched a Facebook contest, “Show Us Your Smile”, which offers you a chance to submit a photo of your child’s smile for a chance to win a free bike and movie bundle! Now that will make your kids (and you) smile!

Winners will be selected once per week throughout the month of February. It’s open to US residents ages 18+. It’s so easy to enter! Simply visit the Great Expressions Dental Center Facebook Page to enter. Just comment on the pinned post, and that’s it! Refer to the terms and conditions for additional information.

Kids Grin and Win

Simply Grin and Win! So snap those pictures and get your entry in!


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  1. Amber Ludwig

    We are big sticklers about dental hygiene with my son and us!! Its so important and dental work is expensive lol 😉

  2. Nice facts you have shared about February is Children’s Dental Hygiene Month, i didn’t hear about this before.

    Thank you

  3. It’s very important to motivate children about their oral hygiene but it’s parents responsibilities to take their children to orthodontists at the age of 7, so their orthodontic treatment (if any) can be started timely.

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