SimplyFun’s Autism Initiative

Having a child on the Autism spectrum, I love to hear about different things companies offer to those on the Autism Spectrum. I have enjoyed working with SimplyFun, and when they shared their Autism Initiative with me, I was definitely excited to learn more about it and share it!

Disclosure: I am sharing information about the SimplyFun Autism Initiative simply because I appreciate what they are doing. This particular post is not a sponsored post. Please refer to my disclosures within individual posts for information on the disclosure for that post.

Learn more about SimplyFun’s Autism Initiative in the Press release below, and stay tuned! SimplyFun graciously offered to let us review a some games that are recommended to build on common strengths found with children on the Autism spectrum.

SimplyFun's Autism Initiative

SEATTLE– (April 18, 2015) SimplyFun, LLC., is a developer of award winning educational board games that allow children to build their core thinking, academic and life skills through game play. SimplyFun is supporting autism awareness through initiatives designed to holistically support children with autism by both addressing their unique challenges and building on their strengths and interests. This extra focus on the child’s strengths and interests is unique to SimplyFun. It comes from their commitment to finding ways for all children to reach their potential, experience pride in accomplishment, and connect with family and friends.

To further their commitment to supporting children with autism, SimplyFun is introducing another approach to game analysis. Children with autism have many strengths that may be overlooked due to the typical focus on concerns. For this reason, SimplyFun is presenting how certain games in their catalog can capitalize on things children with autism may do well, while providing an important venue through which parents and children can connect.

“It has been such a learning experience to work with our Play Advisory Council experts, Dr. Toni Linder and Matt Brown to define an approach that we believe can help give parents of children with autism hope for their child’s future while creating a point of connection with their child through game play,” says SimplyFun President and CEO, Patty Pearcy.

“Board, card, and action games can serve a valuable role in the life of the child with autism” explains SimplyFun Play Advisory Council member and independent game evaluator, Toni Linder. “Through these types of games, children with autism learn to take turns, pay attention to others’ needs, communicate with and interact with others in a positive and motivating way.  Games provide a structured form of play that give children with autism a framework for engagement with others, a set of rules to follow to give them a sense of security, and a goal to work toward.  Games can also allow children with autism the means for expressing and sharing their strengths with others in a way that is nurturing and fun,” says Linder who goes on to say that “Many children with autism have strong visual or verbal memories, spatial reasoning abilities, interests in and skills with numbers or letters, and strengths in many other skill areas. Children love to do things they enjoy and are good at, so we want to help match games to strengths.”

Play Advisor Council member Matt Brown enthusiastically adds, “Last year, I helped develop guidelines for parents, teachers and other care-givers to find games that help remediate areas of need for children with autism.  That was valuable, yet only addressed one half of the child.  Children with autism also have great strengths and interests.  That is why I am more excited than ever to be collaborating on a new set of guidelines that will help adults find games that build on those strengths and interests.  I believe that everyone needs to experience competency and be valued for what makes them unique, since we are all our own snowflake.  And, children with autism deserve to be celebrated and encouraged to pursue their passions and grow their skills.”

About SimplyFun
SimplyFun produces award-winning games designed for educating kids and connecting families. Developed with a focus on making learning fun, SimplyFun games help kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, develop communication, math and science skills, express creativity, collaborate with others and enhance their critical thinking. Founded in 2004, SimplyFun provides its Direct Sales Playologist consultants the ability to change lives with its educational games while earning unlimited income through direct sales opportunities in person and online. In addition, SimplyFun’s new Gameraising program gives schools the ability to earn much needed funds while raising the leaning and raising the fun.

About Toni Linder
Toni Linder, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, Child, Family, and School Psychology Program, Morgridge College of Education, University of Denver, University Park, Denver, CO 20208.

Dr. Toni Linder is a leader in the field of early childhood development and early childhood special education. She works with children of diverse backgrounds and ability levels, including children who are gifted and talented, have disabilities, come from backgrounds of poverty, and those from multicultural backgrounds.

She is particularly known for her work on authentic assessment for young children and is the author of Transdisciplinary Play-based Assessment and Transdisciplinary Play-based Intervention (1990, 1993, 2008). In addition, she developed Read, Play, and Learn (1999), an inclusive, literature and play-based curriculum for preschool and kindergarten children to enhance their learning and development.

Dr. Linder consults nationally and internationally on assessment, intervention, early childhood education, program and curriculum development, family involvement issues, and the importance of play to children’s development. She has a particular interest in the importance of play for children with autism. Dr. Linder has conducted research on a variety of issues, including observation of play skills, transdisciplinary influences on development, parent-child interaction, curriculum outcomes, math and literacy learning, and using technology for professional development in rural areas.

About Matt Brown
For over 20 years Matt has been leading high-performing teams to develop vibrant business cultures, invent and launch high-impact branded platforms, and turn around underperforming brands and businesses. Matt consults with Fortune 500 and early stage companies. He has been an SVP at Scholastic, President of Klutz, Vice-President of LeapFrog, Chief Gaming Officer at Conteneo and Chief Stategist at Speck Design. He also co-founded a couple of companies including big BOING, and integrated strategy, innovation and development company that partnered with Kraft, Disney, Coca Cola, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Learning Curve and others to invent, design and launch major domestic and international brands.

He clerked for Judge Oliver Seth in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which means he used to be an attorney, but don’t hold that against him. He speaks at conferences, lectures at universities and writes for magazines.  Matt is an advisor for PBS Kids, GoAnimate, Vital Smarts and Eyefluence. Matt lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, daughter and 3 dogs. Matt and his daughter are trying to visit all 50 state capitals. Boise is next!


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  1. Elizabeth H.

    I work with special needs children, and some of them are autistic. This is some really good information!!

  2. Sounds like a company that has good educational products for students with autism.

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