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Disclosure: I received the products mentioned to facilitate my review. Regardless, I only recommend products I feel would be good for my readers. All opinions are my own and those of my family.

Natural Condiments

As an ingredient conscious consumer I have had a difficult time finding natural condiments. Many have a variety of corn syrups and a slew of GMOs. I, for one, love my condiments, though, and our kids are the same way! I was definitely excited to have the opportunity to try Sir Kensington’s all-natural condiments. Sir Kensington’s take condiments to the next level by never compromising quality. They always use quality, all-natural ingredients and are non-GMO Project verified.

Sir Kensington’s offers four different condiments:

  • Classic Ketchup
  • Spiced Ketchup
  • Classic Mayonnaise
  • Chipotle Mayonnaise

At first I was only able to find three of the varieties (the Classic Ketchup, Classic Mayonnaise, and Chipotle Mayonnaise) at my local stores and feared I wouldn’t find the fourth (the Spiced Ketchup) locally. You can also buy Sir Kensington’s from their website and use their locator to find purveyors near you! Luckily, though, I did end up finding the fourth variety in a local store as well! After talking to someone else who is a Sir Kensington’s fan, I heard the Spiced Ketchup is definitely a “must have.”

Sir Kensington's

The ingredients in all four of the condiments really are nothing short of impressive. They don’t just tout the “all natural” label. Sir Kensington’s also uses cage-free eggs in their mayonnaises. I could tell that they truly put an effort into the quality of their ingredients, and it definitely shows in the taste!

Classic Ketchup

Natural KetchupSir Kensington’s Classic Ketchup has such a wonderful texture that I could just tell it was natural. Perhaps it’s because I’m a little picky and aware of artificial ingredients, but texture can say a lot about the ingredients in a product to me!

Another thing I can appreciate about Sir Kensington’s Classic Ketchup is not only that it’s all natural and GMO-free, but it also has 50% less sugar and 33% less sodium but still has a taste our kids love, too! With the nice, thick texture (but not “too thick!”, it also made dipping for the kids much easier without the mess! Plus, the sugar they use is organic raw cane sugar – the kind that we prefer! They use whole tomatoes that they press at the peak of ripeness. The Classic Ketchup also has a squeeze of lime juice to give it a hint of a tangy flavor.

I have found the Classic Ketchup to be the perfect ketchup for anything on which we used to use ketchup (before I stopped buying ketchup and gave up searching for a healthier ketchup): hamburgers, sandwiches, and, as I mentioned, it’s the perfect dipping ketchup, too, for things like chicken nuggets and french fries or whatever you or your children like to dip in ketchup!


Spiced Ketchup

Spiced KetchupAs I mentioned, I had heard the Spiced Ketchup is a “must have,” but I did think I might be the only one who would use it in our home. My husband doesn’t eat anything with tomatoes (he’s really picky about all foods), and our kids don’t generally like anything “spicy.” What I found, though, is the Spiced Ketchup on its own may not be something the kids like (for example, on their sandwiches or for dipping), but it makes for a great marinade that even my husband likes! With so much flavor, you can think “beyond the box” and use it for more than “just a ketchup.”

Sir Kensington’s Spiced Ketchup boasts the same great ingredients as the Classic Ketchup with the subtle hint of chipotle to give it that little bit of spice. It has the same great consistency, and that extra pop of flavor really offers a lot of potential for different recipes in the kitchen beyond classic ketchup!


Classic Mayonnaise

Natural MayonnaiseAh, mayonnaise. I LOVE mayonnaise! Again, though, it’s something I stopped purchasing because I couldn’t find one that had ingredients I was comfortable consuming or giving to our children. Even more natural versions have oils I prefer to minimize, so when I saw that Sir Kensington’s uses sunflower oil, I was very excited!

The Classic Mayonnaise really is the best mayonnaise I’ve ever had. I can’t get enough of it. I put it on just about everything! More than just a basic mayonnaise, it has a hint of lemon and pepper that really bring out the flavor. I haven’t really experimented with it in any recipes yet, but I have no doubt it would do well!


Chipotle Mayonnaise

Chipotle MayonnaiseAgain, I was afraid I might be the only one to enjoy the Chipotle Mayonnaise since I knew it might be a little spicy. I, personally, do enjoy it “as-is” for a dipping sauce or even on sandwiches. Similar to the Spiced Ketchup, though, it also works great in marinades, and that is something the whole family enjoys. It does still have a hint of spicy in marinades, but not so much that the kids even mention it, and when they don’t like something, they WILL tell us! If you like to make dishes like tacos or nacho dip – it is great for that as well!

Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayonnaise is also made with sunflower oil. It also has cumin, garlic, tomato, and chipotle peppers. That just sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’re like me, and you can’t just come up with great recipes on a whim – no big deal! Sir Kensington’s actually has a recipe listed for each condiment! Visit their offerings page, and below each condiment you’ll see a dish. At the very bottom of the picture there is a link to download that recipe!

Aren’t you ready to check out Sir Kensington’s to see what you’ve been missing? They truly offer a wonderful all-natural alternative that offers better ingredients and flavor!

For More Information:

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  1. These look very healthy! I’d love to get some!

  2. Jenny Regenold says

    Thanks for the info. I think my husband would love the .chipotle mayonnaise! Great review.

  3. CouponDivaAndi

    makin me hungry already….. 😀

  4. Krista Bainbridge

    I love, love, LOVE Sir Kensington’s! We always keep the chipotle mayo on hand for a delicious dip and perfect addition to sandwiches – it has been amazing for leftover turkey! YUM!!

  5. chattie m hinkle says

    Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayonnaise sounds good 🙂

  6. I have never heard of the all natural condiments before. They should be so healthy.

  7. Tena Osborne

    I will have to look for this. GMOs make me sad. Thank you for the info!

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