Kicking off the New Year with a Juice Cleanse from Skinny Limits

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Skinny Limits

It’s the new year, and I know many of us are looking to start off on the right foot. Maybe you still need that jump start. Now is always a good time! I knew I definitely needed to kick off the new year in a healthy way. Because we moved in October I got so overwhelmed with unpacking in the midst of the busy holiday season. Although I tried to stay on track with healthy eating, I definitely didn’t eat as well as I should, and my body was feeling it. I knew a good detox was in order. Having Fibromyalgia, I know it is something I should do regularly!

When the opportunity presented itself on Moms Meet to try a juice cleanse from Skinny Limits I was excited. The more I read about Skinny Limits, the more excited I got! Skinny Limits offers a completely natural and raw juice cleanse. As a health conscious consumer, I know not all cleanses are created equal, and to find a company that offer a juice cleanse with raw foods is a real gem!

Skinny Limits is located here in the great state of Texas in Austin. The founders are avid juicers that wanted to share their passion for raw foods. They offer three different juice cleanses and even a custom order cleanse. They use a cold press so ingredients and nutrients are never compromised. Their juices are fresh, raw, and gluten free with no pasteurization and no processing. A perfect quote from their About Us page: “Skinny Limits was made by juicers for juicers.”

Juice cleanse

For my review I received the 3-Day Standard Juice Cleanse. I was so excited I was ready to get started. I read over all the instructions and started the next day. It’s important to note you must start the next day as the juices are fresh and raw and must be consumed within a short time frame. I definitely appreciated the wealth of information they shared in the pamphlet that came with the cleanse. It not only had the instructions, but it also had tips for hunger, reminders to drink plenty of water, and more information about the juices.

Throughout the day I was to drink a total of six juices every 2 1/2 – 3 hours. Because I am a night owl but didn’t want to drink the juices too late at night I opted for the 2 1/2 hours and would set an alarm every time I finished the juices. Each day consisted of:

  • Pure and Simple: Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Apple, Parsley, Celery, Lemon.
  • Balance: Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Apple, Parsley, Celery, Lemon, Ginger.
  • Scorpion Lemonade:Lemons, Agave Nectar, Cayenne, Filtered Water.
  • Crescent Moon: Raw cashews, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Agave Nectar, Filtered Water.

Each bottle is 16 oz. Pure and Simple was consumed three times per day (in case you thought I was bad at math!). I am one who tends to sip my drinks, so my habits were tested because it was recommended to consume the the full 16 oz. bottle within 5 minutes because sipping on it could lead to hunger. I did drink them all within 5 minutes per the instructions and sipped on water in between each juice. I found drinking water also helped keep any hunger or cravings at bay in between the juices.

Skinny Limits Review

The Pure and Simple and Balance tasted the same to me, and I’m not surprised as there is only one ingredient that is different. It is really refreshing and smooth. I could drink them all day. I really enjoyed them, and they definitely do taste fresh.

The Scorpion Lemonade was a little harder for me to swallow. Somewhere between my childhood and now I went from loving hot stuff to barely being able to handle it. The Cayenne was a little harder for me to drink. Someone who has a “normal” tolerance for spicy may not have this issue. I was still able to drink it within the 5 minutes, but I had to take sips in smaller amounts. It helps that I know the benefits of lemon and cayenne because I knew it was worth it!

The Crescent Moon. Wow! I felt SPOILED. It is delicious! It felt like a “job well done” treat at the end of the day. I really looked forward to it on the second and third day. It really is a great way to end the night!

The retail price of a 3-day Skinny Limits juice cleanse (18, 16oz bottles) is $147.

The results?

By the end of the third day I already started feeling better. I had more energy and less pain. My skin also showed improvement. I battle with blemishes though nobody can quite determine why. I suspect it might be a problem from the inside. Though they were too subtle to notice in pictures, I definitely saw improvement particular in their size and pain level (they can get quite painful).

I have also experienced less cravings since the cleanse. It is a cliché phrase, but I eat when I’m bored. Since the cleanse I have developed the habit of drinking water instead and because of the cleanse I don’t crave the same types of foods I did before. Although losing weight isn’t the focus of a cleanse, many people do, and I did lose a little over two pounds.

I’m excited to have discovered Skinny Limits, and I’m glad I kicked off the New Year in a healthy way. A cleanse is recommended at least every three months, and I can definitely understand why, so this is a habit I want to get into! It’s always a good time to start, so if you’re needing a reboot, I would definitely recommend Skinny Limits.

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  1. rebeccabasset says

    I have always felt very nervous about starting a Cleanse, since I have Stomach Problems, I have never had the Nerve to try this, but thanks for the Information!

  2. Jessica Ann Jones

    AHHH I love it! I am so glad to finally read the review! I am glad to hear it worked well for you! I am considering trying this myself!

  3. It sounds great! I’ll definitely have to try it one day 🙂

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