Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea CD

Something many families have in common is having a family member who has a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes it’s an adult, sometimes it’s a child, and sometimes it’s more than one family member! In our household, I am a night owl. Not only do I function better at night, but I, unfortunately, also have a hard time falling asleep. Two of our three children are exactly the same!

Under the Sea CD to Help Kids Sleep

Under the Sea is a CD to help kids sleep. It offers soothing guided imagery and relaxing music to create a relaxing atmosphere to help children fall asleep. In the CD children are guided through a magical voyage under the sea. During this voyage they are introduced to sea life friends and it contains messages like kindness to animals and a respect of sea life.

In addition to the soothing music and special messages, kids are also taught how to breathe and visualization techniques are used to help them manage worry and relax. I is a way to guide them to wind their bodies down to relax and prepare for sleep.

Overall, I found the CD to have beautiful relaxing music, and I love that it includes guided details for taking deep breaths and concentrating on just relaxing and settling down. I also found some parts, though, to be distracting as a “millions of years” reference came up, which is contrary to what we believe. I don’t think our kids think too much of it, though, so it is probably more of a distraction for me than for them.

Overall, though, I think the soothing music and guided breathing and relaxation are great for helping kids to wind down naturally. If you have kids with special needs like ours, it may take a few tries to create this atmosphere, though, as the first few times our kids were constantly asking questions. Once they understood the purpose, though, they were better able to concentrate on doing the actions it was suggesting.

If you have a little one that could use a little guidance or know someone who does, this CD would make a great gift for Christmas!

For More Information:

Visit the Sleep Well page on the Live Well Website


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  1. Thanks for the Terrific Review of Sleep Well for Kids – Under the Sea CD! That’s a really great idea that someone came up with! I’ve never really had a hard time with my kids falling asleep. They are so busy all day that when they hit the bed, they are out! The only time I have a problem is if we have a bad thunderstorm and the electricity goes out! They both have night lights in their rooms and it’s like as soon as that would go out, the eyes open! This CD is really terrific for the kids that are like me, I get in bed and if I don’t take a prescribed medication from my family doctor, my mind just wonders and wonders and I can’t sleep! I am up late lately because I’ve been trying to win Christmas gifts for my family (which isn’t going to well). I keep on trying though! Thanks for the Terrific Review and all the information you have given to us in reference to this CD! I think this is a wonderful idea and I love it! Thanks again, Michele 🙂
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  2. I think this is awesome. I could actually use this for myself. I have a hard time turning my brain “off” at night, therefore relaxation takes a few hours. I have an app on my phone that runs all night with relaxing sounds, but it would be really nice to have this CD instead so my phone isn’t constantly in use!
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  3. This is great!! I actually have something like this for myself. I’m a horrible sleeper.

  4. judy maharrey says

    Ibam glad someone finally came up with something to help kids relax and sleep. My son has adhd and hechas a hard time winding down at night. I have been letting him listen to my ocean sounds to relax. This would be much better.

  5. judy maharrey says

    I love the idea of this to help children sleep. We really need it for our son!

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