Smashburger Houston Review

Our family received complementary passes for Smashburger during the GoHouston! Travel Campaign hosted by New Creative Writing and Social Media Marketing, home to Money Saving All opinions are my own.

While experiencing all that CityCentre Houston has to offer we traveled a few blocks over to enjoy lunch at Smashburger Town and Country. It was our first time experiencing Smashburger. When we walked in we were greeted right away. We explained it was our first time here, and they were very patient while we looked at the menu.


Smashburger offers a lot of variety on their menu. They also have kids meals with four options that includes fries and a drink. Because we were first time guests they even included our drinks for free! You can choose from their variety of burgers or build your own from the bun to the toppings. If burgers aren’t your preference choose from many other options. They have a variety of chicken sandwiches and an option to build your own chicken sandwich as well. Even if you prefer meat-free dining you can enjoy a black bean burger styled any way you like it! They also have salads, a large variety of sides, a variety of beverages, and Häagen-Dazs® shakes. View the full Smashburger menu to see all the amazing options. (Note: menus are regional.)

I had the Classic Smash, and it was delicious. I love a good burger, and Smashburger really delivered. My husband is VERY particular with food and only eats a burger plain with bacon – yes, just a burger, bacon, and bun. They had no problem making that for him! Since most places don’t let you build your own he usually has to order a burger that is closest to what he wants. It usually has a lot of condiments and cheese, so he has to explain he doesn’t want ANY of that. Most of the time they get it wrong and have to make it again, so what a relief to be able to order it exactly how he likes it instead of trying to explain what he doesn’t want on it.

Our kids all had separate kids meals, but after we sat down and looked at all the food we realized we probably could have gotten less. We did end up taking some with us to go, and they were very helpful to provide boxes to make it easier. Overall, for a family of 5 we could have eaten for under $30 and probably still would have some left over! We didn’t get milkshakes, though, which I hear are fantastic, and I definitely would love to try them next time. The friendly staff, the fun wire baskets, menu variety, and relaxed family-friendly atmosphere made our experience at Smashburger really enjoyable.


Smashburger Town and Country is just a short walk from where we were staying at Hotel Sorella CityCentre and definitely is a must visit! I was also happy to discover we have a Smashburger in the city next to us currently to hold us over until we finally move to Houston! If Smashburger looks good to you be sure to visit their website for more information. While you are there sign up for their Smashclub to get tasty specials delivered to your inbox!

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  1. Krista Bainbridge

    Oh wow – that burger looks delicious! We love a good burger too – what is more American than a burger and fries?? And so nice that your hubby could order what he wanted without the hassle of “I’ll take the XYZ Burger with the Y and Z” – what a pain some places can be! Sounds like Smashburger is very accommodating!! Hooray for them!

  2. Autumn~Bloggin Momma says

    That burger looks so yummy!!!! Burgers are my favorite Fast Food!!! You can never get enough burgers and fries!! Too bad we don’t have a Smashburger in Asheville NC

  3. I love the idea that you can build your own burger! Would like to try those Häagen-Dazs® shakes!

  4. md kennedy says

    I’ve heard so much about Smashburger – and my husband the “burger king” cannot wait for one ot come to our area!

  5. MelissaSayWhat

    I love Smashburger! I’ts my go-to burger joint these days! I can hardly stomach drive-through burgers any more because these are so good!

  6. shirley carr says

    Wish they were here where I live.

  7. OMG, I wish they were in NY! That cheeseburger looks SO good! The tomato is red, the lettuce isn’t wilted…..I’m starving!

  8. Wow! That looks delish!

  9. denise226

    that looks good wish we had one here

  10. rochelle33 says

    that looks nice

  11. I really wish I had gotten to try these because they look so good. And I am still craving one of their shakes!

    • I really wish I had tried one of the shakes, too. Our little guy has his post surgery follow up in a couple of weeks in the city next to us that has one, so I figure it’s a good excuse to go to the one there and get one! 🙂

  12. I don’t know what they use to season their burgers, but WOW they are delicious. I don’t eat their often because I never go with healthy, and I’m trying to lose weight. But when I splurge Smashburger is always a favorite!

    • I understand. Have you tried their Black Bean burger? I considered trying it, but I was in the mood for a classic burger when we were there! It really was SOOO good!

  13. Jenna Gossett says

    That looks and sounds amazing!

  14. veronicalee says

    Yummmmm! That certainly looks scrummy! Wish we had a Smashburger here!

  15. I love a good burger. This sounds great but alas I don’t know of any Smashburger here. If we travel to Texas to visit Grandparents, I’ll have to see if there is one near them!

  16. I’ve never heard of Smashburger, so I had to go searching to see if we have one near us. I love a good burger. Would you believe there’s one 10 minutes from my house? I had no idea. But now I do and we’ll be visiting soon. Thanks for the review!

  17. That looks tasty!

  18. Donna Martin says

    No matter what it still looks good.

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