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I’m sure you’ve seen my posts on my Facebook Page concerning decisions I’ve been trying to make as far as business concerns, etc. I have a lot on my plate. That is obvious! haha I’ve been able to balance it very well thanks to my need to be an organizer. The “problem” is I want to do something more. I want to go back to the reason I started Pea of Sweetness to begin with – homemade products! I took on Direct Sales/Network Marketing businesses because sitting at my sewing machine was not realistic while my husband was going through his chemotherapy, and I was taking care of a newborn and 2 preschoolers (with Special Needs at that!). Well, I took on A LOT of different businesses because they each had a special place in my heart or a special interest, etc. I know I wrote about that at another time, but perhaps and update will be necessary soon! Basically, though, I want to focus on my PASSION! My PASSION is offering a better alternative to chemical filled products, eco-friendly products, “natural” living, etc. Something that I’ve discovered is not my passion is the Initials, Inc. home parties. Weird, right? I’m not “bad” at them, and I actually was doing fairly well, but I again had to consider my priorities, how much I could “handle,” how I could realistically balance my time once I started adding in the sewing, projects on my Silhouette, and homemade natural products like soap, body wash, cleaners, etc. (the latter will be further down the road, but it’s a decision I’ve definitely made to pursue!) After much agony (seriously trying to make a decision was making me feel sick), talking to my husband, friends, praying, etc. I have decided I will be cancelling my Independent Contract with Initials, Inc. on the last day of the month. *Updated – my final day will be May 26th* I wanted to give everyone a fair announcement to a) order anything you would like to before I am officially done (for which I greatly appreciate your support!) and/or b) let me introduce you to one of my wonderful friends that is an Independent Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. It is such a wonderful company, and I still can’t speak highly enough for their quality, wonderful leadership, and the free personalization! I just will not have the time to dedicate to it anymore, and definitely not to the home parties needed for the sales quota as I focus more on my new endeavors as well as continue to focus on Nerium as my main direct sales/network marketing business. I do hope to, in the future, introduce embroidery to Pea of Sweetness at which point it would become a conflict of interest with Initials, Inc., and I do not want to ever be doing something in conflict of interest like that or in contradiction to any business’s Policy and Procedures. So this will be my official decision, and I will be sending in my cancellation on the last day of this month. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to serve you in the meantime or if you would like me to connect you with one of my friends who represent Initials, Inc.

So what CAN you expect from me as far as Pea of Sweetness is concerned as well as other businesses, etc.? As of now, nothing else will change. I will just not be representing Initials, Inc. anymore as of the last day of the month. I’m starting to work on preparing my “office” for sewing, and I’m learning my Silhouette Cameo more – starting with making decals. So you should plan on hearing from my updates as they come and start to see more homemade product offerings hopefully within a few months! Pea of Sweetness will still be bringing you reviews and giveaways (Check out my PR Friendly page for more information), larger giveaways, blog hops/link-ups, info on homeschooling (and homeschooling special needs children), health and fitness, military life, raising Special Needs children, Faith, natural/eco-friendly tips and living, and general small business advice and networking as well as links to the direct sales/network marketing businesses I do still (and will still represent – to differing degrees) like Nerium, Forever Green, and Pet Junkie. (I do offer another, but due to policy and procedure I won’t feature it on this website in conjunction with any other businesses, though I may offer a giveaway for it soon!) 😉 I know I desperately need to update my About page as well! I’ll add that to my to-do list this week as well! 🙂

Thank-you to all my wonderful friends and my awesome husband for listening to me as I went through my decisions/concerns with you, and for EVERYONE that has shown me love and supported me along the way as I had my ups and downs with Pea of Sweetness through my husband’s illness, my own medical concerns, etc. I love you and have been so appreciative of all of the prayers and support! I hope I can continue to show my gratefulness by offering you our Customer Loyalty program, our new social rewards program, and coupons and specials offered through our e-mail/newsletter signup, and awesome giveaways! 🙂 Have a blessed weekend, and to all the moms out there HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

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