Spa Week at Shrink Studios in Houston

Don’t you just love a spa day? It’s nice to have some time to just relax and reap the many benefits of all the great treatments offered! Last week I was treated to a day at Shrink Studios here in Houston!

Disclosure: I received treatments free of charge to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

Shrink Studios will be participating in Spa Week, which is October 20-26 nationwide. Treatment specials for spa week include special treatments for just $50 and value anywhere from $100 – $500. Spa Week bookings are open now!

I had a chance to try out 2 of the great treatments Shrink Studios will be offering for Spa Week – the Non-Surgical Lipo and the Blue Light Acne Therapy Mask. They are located on the North Side of Houston near 1960 and Veterans Memorial – a convenient location!

When I first walked in, I immediately enjoyed the ambiance. It’s so inviting and peaceful!

Spa Week at Shrink Studios

The staff is so welcoming and friendly! I felt like I could really get comfortable! I was invited to watch a video before having the Non-Surgical Lipo treatment to get familiar with the treatment. I got more excited as well because seeing all the results people have gotten is really amazing! Plus, it helped to answer any questions I had going in, so I could just lay back and relax!

Spa Week Deals in Houston Shrink Studios

The feeling of the Non-Surgical Lipo is compared to a hot stone massage, and it really is! It is warm, and, for me, I would even say it was soothing! It was great to just lay back, relax, and have some adult conversation! It does make a slight high-pitch noise, but because it was explained to me before we started, it didn’t phase me. I found the whole experience to be relaxing.

The Non-Surgical Lipo is perfect for those stubborn areas. For me, I have issues with the stubborn area on my stomach. Despite better nutrition and fitness it’s still been a “problem area” for me. I can definitely say I was REALLY impressed by the results! This was just my 1st session, and the best results are after subsequent sessions. 8-10 sessions are recommended. I had a total of two 20 minute sessions during my visit.

Shrink Studios Non-Surgical Lipo

I lost a little over 1 lb and a combined total of 1.75 inches from the 3 areas of my stomach. I even got a paper with my results and a sticker for encouragement! Fun, right? The best part is there is no downtime! I just put my belt back on and was ready to go!

For the Therapy Mask, you can choose from three different treatments – Blue Light Acne Therapy Mask, Red Light Fine Line and Wrinkles Mask or Green Light Age Spot Therapy Mask. I chose the Blue Light Acne Therapy Mask because breakouts on my face are a problem for me. I had a 40 minute session, and although we did it after I had my Non-Surgical Lipo, you can actually do it during it to maximize your time! You just put the mask on and lay down and relax!

The Infrared Sauna Session is like going in a sauna but without the steam or dry air. You just get to lay down and enjoy the benefits!

Shrink studios offers comfortable equipment and am ambient feel with soothing sounds and classical music.

Shrink Studios Room

I had a wonderful experience at Shrink Studios. It was relaxing, the staff is amazing, and I got great results! I love that they are participating in Spa Week because it is an amazing deal! If you’re looking for Spa Week deals in Houston this is a great way to get started with Shrink Studios and get familiar with their treatments! Spa Week is October 20-26th, and you can Book your appointment for Spa Week today!

For More Information about Shrink Studios

Visit the Shrink Studios Website
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For More Information about Spa Week

Visit the Spa Week Website
Connect with Spa Week on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube


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  1. I’ll definitely keep Shrink Studios in mind for my next visit to Houston! The Non-Surgical Lipo sounds fantastic!

  2. robyn donnelly

    I want trouble spots on stomach, thighs, and buttocks but I don’t have funds to go anywhere to have help getting rid of them. Will just deal with them I guess. You look good by the way.

  3. Great. Now where do I sign up for this?
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