The Sparkle Box {Children’s Christmas book Review}

The Sparkle BoxWhen the holidays roll around, our family truly wants the focus of Christmas to stay on Jesus. So, when we had the opportunity to review The Sparkle Box I so excited to share it with our kids. I think it is such a wonderful idea to share the true meaning of the spirit by giving to others because that truly is the best gift we can give Jesus.

In The Sparkle Box a boy named Sam is all excited about Christmas like most kids! He’s thinking about his Christmas list and looking forward to the parties. One thing has him curious, though, a sparkly box that is sitting on the mantel. Throughout the season his family did a lot of kind things for others, which that alone was helping Sam to learn a valuable lesson! When Christmas morning came, though, and he finally got to open the sparkly box he found slips of papers with writing on them. They were all the kind things they had been doing for others throughout the holiday season! His mom explained that doing nice things for others is our gift to Jesus.

THE SPARKLE BOX – Official Book Trailer from Ideals Books on Vimeo.

It’s such a beautiful message! I love how the book not only got our kids thinking about kind things they could do for others, but it also included a sparkle box, so we could start one of our own! So although it won’t be a surprise for them on Christmas Day, I love that we can now use the sparkle box tradition every year! What a great way to bring the focus back to Jesus! We actually like to have a little birthday party, and that would be the perfect time for us to open our sparkle box and read over the gifts we gave Jesus in honor of His birthday.

The Sparkle Box

I think The Sparkle Box has given us an invaluable gift in its message because now we are looking for ways to be more helpful and be a blessing for others. Plus even though we work hard to keep our focus on Jesus for Christmas it does get hard. The kids get excited and overwhelmed by the parties and the presents, and The Sparkle Box helped them to realize even more so that it’s important to bless others and that when we do we give to Him as well.

I want to invite you to share your slips of paper for your sparkle box! How did you serve today? I will be sharing ours in the comments as well! I hope in this way we can also bless and encourage each other and remind each other what Christmas is really all about!

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  1. i would give this to my daughter she would love it

  2. I would give this book to my two little boys.

  3. Monique Bon says

    I would give this book to my son if i won

    moniquebbon at gmail dot com

  4. Carla Kinkade says

    I would give this book to my grandson

  5. Barbara Thompson says

    toward family members that say I’m not a family member as there has been a family member suddenly pass away. For me to pray for them as they walk through the hard time.
    Barbara Thompson

  6. Barbara Thompson says

    I hope this would be considered a good deed for the sparkle box. For me to pray to have the right spirit and attitude as a family member that has suddenly passed away that I’ve been told I am not a family member. For me to pray for the ones that are going through this hard time.
    Barbara Thompson

  7. Jessica Adams says

    thank u soo much for this giveaway! Id read it to my son nightly 🙂

  8. This year, we are sponsoring two families for Christmas. There is a Mom, Dad, 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl. We will buy presents for them all, a complete turkey dinner and a grocery gift card, gas gift card, a gift card to a local restaurant and a couple of treats and toys for their little dog. We do this every year and it feels wonderful to give back. The families have no idea that they are going to have a delivery from ‘Santa’ the day before Christmas. There are always a lot of tears when we deliver their ‘Christmas’.

  9. I would give the book to my 6 year old niece

  10. Today our daughter was extra helpful and sweet to her little brother who, unfortunately, has the same stomach bug from which I’m recovering. It may not be a good deed outside of the home, but I think it’s important to help family, too, so she got to add that to our sparkle box! 🙂

  11. Elaine Powell says

    great grandson would get this

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