The Sparrow Found A House {book review}

Christian NovelElisha Press offers Christian novels, including free downloads, like the book I recently had chance to read The Sparrow Found A House.

The Sparrow Found A House is about a family with four children whose widowed mother just married a military veteran. Just like any teens’ nightmare he comes in with new (stricter) rules and something else they’re not used to – his Faith. Eventually they even throw *gasp* homeschooling into the mix! Their mother is completely onboard, and the twins embrace the changes rather quickly! Even the oldest son, Chris, seems to take to their new dad rather quickly as well as the changes. Jessie, though, isn’t so happy about any of it.

I really enjoyed The Sparrow Found A House because it is so intriguing. It really kept my attention, and I just wanted to keep reading! The characters are so believable I felt like I was reading about something that happened. Plus, I felt like I could understand them more because they were all so realistic. I also love that the book encompasses the life of a family drawing closer to God. It really is a unique journey, and The Sparrow Found A House portrays this journey in such a neat way since there are many family members of various ages and personality types. I loved reading how each family member responded!

As a homeschool mom I also appreciate that The Sparrow Found A House talks about homeschooling and shares not only the good points of homeschooling but how some that may not understand look at it negatively. It shares the very essence of why our family chose homeschooling (even before our kids were old enough)! The Author, Jason McIntire is also a homeschool graduate, which I thought really helped bring together this aspect of the story.

In addition to serious topics, The Sparrow Found A House is also fun and exciting! There are adventures, contests, games, and more. It is a very well-rounded book with a great storyline.

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Visit the The Sparrow Found A House page on Elisha Press where you can find out more information about the book as well as the link to download the ebook FREE! (Registration is required.) You can also purchase the paperback for $12.99 with free shipping. Special!!: Through June 1, 2014 my readers will receive $4 off The Sparrow Found A House when you use the code SWEET61013, so it would only be $8.99!

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  1. Alicia Owen says

    How refreshing to see a book that even mentions homeschooling in it! This, like I’ve mentioned, is something that hubby and I have been thinking a lot about lately, even thought we still have several years before our daughter starts going to school! But, that’s a whole different story. 😉 Thanks for sharing! Gotta love the ease of e-books, but I still much prefer print books, myself, so that’s nice that there are both options. 😉

  2. Krista Bainbridge

    What an interesting story premise – and I love that it focuses on family, faith and homeschooling without sugarcoating it all!

  3. Terri Lynn Grothe says

    I like this kind of story:)

  4. sherry butcher

    wonderful to find such a book, has so much and does both sides to homeschooling. thanks for this review.

  5. hope jackson says

    Love Elisha Press! Thanks for sharing this review. =)

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