Speaking of busy…

I wasn’t kidding! haha But I’m finally starting to catch up on things! I have decided to homeschool, which is something I always WANTED to do, but I tossed around the idea for a while and eventually decided I “couldn’t handle it” with our oldest (now 5 – Kindergarten) because he’s on the Autism spectrum. I already had so many “issues” with the public school he was attending – from the unhealthy fundraisers to the transportation issues to the overall unfriendly and not very informed office staff! It really wasn’t even sitting well with me to put him into Kindergarten there. Against my “gut feeling” I did so anyway. It didn’t take much to remember why I had that “feeling.” I encountered issues almost immediately. I’ll keep those long, detailed stories for later. I am considering merging the two since this is, after all, my life. What are your thoughts? Should I bite the bullet and merge it all onto here? Business, family life, etc.? It is essentially why I do what I do! Or should I keep this blog more focused on business with, of course, the small bits of my personal life? I would LOVE your feedback!

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Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me on this CRAZY journey! Your support is always appreciated – probably more than you even know! 🙂 Until next time – be blessed!

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