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I think we can all agree there is just something fun about mustaches. StacheTATS takes that fun to a whole new level! StacheTATS are mustache temporary tattoos and are easy to apply and remove. They offer an AMAZING variety from your run of the mill Gentleman’s Mustache to Glitter Staches, and Glow in the Dark Staches! Maybe you like animal prints or flowers? They have those, too! They have staches for holidays, causes, colleges, and so much more! They even have Texas staches which, of course, my husband said we MUST get!

We received a wide variety of StaceTATS to review, and when that package arrived I was in awe of all the amazing staches! I knew we were going to have some fun!


As you can see, we all modeled a different stache with the exception of our 3 year old. He is very particular, which is good in this case because StacheTATS are recommended for ages 4 and up. Each package contains the stache tattoos, instructions, and alcohol wipes for removal. Some of the staches even come with additional tattoos! You can be really creative, too! We used them the old-fashioned way for the photos above, but you could put them on your hand, arm, etc., and make a face, or whatever you come up with! There are so many fun possibilities!

Something nice about the StacheTATS is the fact that they are temporary tattoos. Our oldest son has tried to wear a fake mustache before, and it lasted maybe 15 minutes. It just bothered him so much he couldn’t stop messing with it. StacheTATS, though, aren’t bothersome! Once they’re on you can barely tell they are there! Neither of the kids complained of being annoyed or uncomfortable! Plus they are waterproof, which means sweat proof as well!

As far as removal the glitter tattoos were a little harder to remove than the basic tattoos, but they still came off with just one alcohol wipe! The basic tattoos came right off with the alcohol wipe! This definitely makes StacheTATS appealing because you can wear them for a while or just a little bit because they really are both easy to apply AND remove! One thing I do suggest if you’re going to put one on a child is make sure the size will be OK first because some may be too big.


Not only are StacheTATS fun, but they also have big goals to make a difference. On November 1st they will be launching a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, and they want to create smiles! They have done research and estimate that every StacheTAT worn generates about 17 smiles. Their goal is to create 15 million new smiles around the world! They’re hoping to raise $50,000 to pay for an NFL license and to grow their business. They will have plenty of great items they will be giving in return for pledge amounts including donations of mustaches to children’s hospitals and orphanages. I know that will definitely spread some smiles! Plus, they will be traveling to throw a football tail gate for their biggest supporters! This is definitely something fun you will want to take part in! I will share more information as it comes! Let’s get ready to spread some smiles!

If that isn’t already awesome, StacheTATS will ALSO be giving away some StacheTATS for my special Movember giveaway! Details for my Movember event will also be forthcoming so stay tuned! If you’re not familiar with Movember – it’s a mustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises awareness and funds for men’s health. As my husband is a 2x cancer survivor of testicular cancer that then metastasized to his lymph nodes and lungs less than a year later, we appreciate what they are doing for men’s health awareness! I’m so excited that StacheTATS will be part of our big event!

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  1. Sarh Snarski says

    OH! I LOVE these! They look like so much fun, definitely need to check these out. My daughter loves temp. tattoos and I know she’d get a kick out of having a mustache!

  2. Krista Bainbridge

    These are just too adorable! I think these would be great for parties or just for fun! I may need to order some for my coworkers for Movember!

  3. Saving Common Cents says

    These look hilarious! What a fun party favor! lol Thanks for sharing!

  4. Neva Hurlbut says

    These look like so much fun!

  5. Yay! I was looking forward to this review. They are so funny & you and the gang look hilarious. This will be my gift to my best friend on her upcoming birthday. She’s a mustache addict.

  6. Autumn~Bloggin Momma says

    I love those!!!!! My step-son would be all over these tattoos! I’ll have to get him some! Love your pictures 🙂

  7. those are so funny! my best friend would love those.

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