STL Ocarina Now Has Marvel Ocarinas!

In June I shared my review of the Ocarina FUNdamentals Homeschool Music Program from STL Ocarina. We have really been enjoying it. It is a fun and easy to learn program for children of all ages. They have a 6 hole ocarina for ages 9 and under, and a 12 hole ocarina for ages 10 and older as well as a variety of other, more advanced styles.

Superhero Ocarina

Disclosure: I received a Marvel ocarina to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and those of my family.

These great instruments for music education are also available in a variety of styles from a plain color to more intricate designs. As Marvel fans, we were definitely excited to see their new Marvel ocarinas – also known as their Superhero Ocarinas. If you have a child that is reluctant about music education, having an instrument with their favorite superhero can be great encouragement! See it in action:

Awesome, right? Seeing it in action playing their favorite superhero’s song is also good motivation! Our kids really got a kick out of watching the video. Of course, they want to be able to play it, too – RIGHT NOW. I explained if we keep learning and practicing they will get to a place where they can play like that, too.

For our review we received a Wolverine Ocarina. It is a 12 Hole Plastic Tenor Ocarina in C Major. This is our first 12 hole ocarina as we’ve been learning the 6 hole ocarina, and we are all so excited! The kids are still working on the 6 hole ocarina, but now they have even more motivation to work hard so they can work up to the 12 hole ocarina. Our daughter might have to grow a little more as well because she has small hands!

Marvel Ocarina

If you’re preparing for or starting your new homeschool year, now is a great time to start the Ocarina FUNdamentals homeschool program. With all the variety of styles, you can find one your child(ren) will love!

Don’t forget to check out my review of Ocarina FUNdamentals for more about this great homeschool music program!

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  1. There is nothing alternative to education.spreading light of education is a novel task

  2. kathy downey

    Thanks,very interesting read.this looks and sounds like a wonderful instrument for music education

  3. For his birthday, my son asked for and received an ocarina from STL Ocarina recently, although not a superhero ocarina. He loves it, and it is a most interesting instrument.

    Many thanks for your post

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