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I have Sensory Processing Disorder. We have two children exclusively with Sensory Processing Disorder and one child on the Autism Spectrum. Needless to say, we appreciate companies that offer products to support our sensory needs.

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As part of my ABC’s of SPD I shared “C is for Chewing” where I gave a little more insight on oral input many people with sensory special needs require and how they turn to chewing to fulfill that need. Not only do we (I say we because I am definitely in this category) chew to fulfill this sensory need, but it also has a calming effect as well. Being able to calm, particularly in sensory overload situations is important. Having something within easy grasp can make all the difference.

Chewigem offers discreet chewelry that is perfect for mild to moderate chewers. They are made of FDA approved silicone and are lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Because they offer such a wide variety of designs, there is something any child (or adult) can enjoy! Many of the styles look just like any other necklace, so it makes this chewelry discreet – and stylish!

Chewigem Discreet Stylish Sensory Chewelry

For our review, we received two necklaces – the Cat – Meowza for our daughter, and Raindrop Pendant – Cosmos for myself.

Miss Aurora loves cats. LOVES them, so she was thrilled to receive this necklace. It has a nice, long chain so she can easily bring it to her mouth. It is soft and flexible and has nubs for extra sensory input. She has been loving it. She is a mild chewer but almost always has to have something in her mouth, so the nubs are the perfect input. Not to mention she can even play with it in her hands for extra input as well. She finds this calming, too, particularly when we are doing homeschool and she is trying to concentrate. Plus it’s easy for her to put on and take off.

Chewigem Stylish Sensory Chewelry - Cat Meowza

I have been loving my Raindrop Pendant. It has a variation in thickness, which offers nice contrast. I find I like to chew on the thicker part near the end in the back of my mouth and the thinner part in the front. It’s much nicer than chewing on straws, pens, etc. Plus, it looks nice! As an adult, I can wear this necklace with just about anything, and it looks nice! It’s so stylish! I have never found anything that I felt comfortable wearing and using for my own sensory needs as well. Although I have tried necklaces specifically designed as breastfeeding necklaces, and although they were find as breastfeeding necklaces, they just did not have the consistency that was right for my own needs. This necklace is perfect for my needs, and if you are a breastfeeding mom, it definitely could be used as a breastfeeding necklace as well!

Chewigem Stylish Sensory Chewelry Raindrop Pendant

The necklaces can be washed easily with soap and water and even in the dishwasher! The clasps are easy to use, and will come open easily if they are pulled on with force, which is a nice for peace of mind in safety. Of course, with long cords, it’s always important to remember it’s not a toy. If you have little ones where the cord would pose a concern, Chewigem also offers Bangles. They can be worn or just held.

Many with SPD just need to chew, and Chewigem understands this. That is why they offer a variety of products to fulfill our needs. We are very happy with our necklaces, and I think they have many other great designs, which means there is something anyone could appreciate.

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  1. Darlene Jones-Nelson

    My teenager plays football and we go threw so many mouth guards every year he plays cause he likes to chew on them! I do not know why he does this but…. I have started to buy the mouth guards in bulk.

  2. I sure could use this for myself so my pens can look like pens again, lol I also have a problem chewing kleenex, gross I know, but I can’t chew gum because of getting headaches so I use something softer, hence the kleenex lol I am glad they come in different styles and shapes so we don’t have to look like a kid when we wear them 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  3. Erika Messer says

    I really think my daughter would benefit from one of the rubber chew toys – I want to try the cat in the Meowza or Purrple color 🙂 She has William syndrome and has a serious chewing issue (all of our kids do) along with many sensory issues. Very great review I never knew about this place! Thank you 🙂

  4. kathy downey

    Thank you for the review,I know many people who could use these

  5. Jessica Cocker says

    I love the bags they are in too! My son loves his chewlery but I hated that he would set it down on tables, in the car, etc.. the bags would be a perfect place for him to set it aside!

  6. the jewelry is great all can wear it and then i like the way thye have it and thenthey
    have al kindof them

  7. Debbie Bray

    I like that the jewelry is discreet

  8. My daughter is not diagnosed with SPD, but I’ve long suspected she has a mild case, as she definitely exhibits some of the symptoms. It never occurred to me that a) her chewing was a sign of possible SPD or that b) her need to chew was actually a calming thing. She has a “chewy spoon”, one of the silicone toddler spoons, but it gets all gross and icky when she chews on it (because of the bowl of the spoon). I LOVE this idea, and am going to talk to my husband about getting her some chewelry.

  9. This jewelry looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lisa Coomer Queen

    My grandson has SPD. This is awesome. Even for a boy this would be good. He likes to chew on the sleeves of his shirts or the bottom of his shirt. Thanks for this.

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