Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Our homeschooling is pretty much eclectic. I often use one curriculum for this and another one for that and pull bits and pieces from worksheets and printables to supplement and mix things up as well. We do best with fresh material or additional material to reinforce what we’re learning. I don’t have time to search the Internet every time a need arises, though, so having resources readily available is always nice. That’s why I appreciate Super Teacher Worksheets!

Super Teacher Worksheets

For my review I received the Individual Membership for one year. With the Individual Membership we have full access to all the resources available. They have thousands of printable PDF files easily accessed on their website. Their collections include math worksheets, spelling lists, reading comprehension passages, educational games, handwriting practice pages, spelling, science, social studies and so much more. They have Awards Certificates as well that are perfect for laminating and displaying them on the wall.

A majority of the resources available on Super Teacher Worksheets are for Grades K-5, though I am sure some can be used with older children as well. I have been using it with our three children who are in between a 2nd and 3rd Grade Level (we officially start 3rd Grade in January when our new homeschool years begin.)

I usually base the resources we use by their age and where they are at in each specific subject, but it is still helpful to have an idea what the grade level recommendations are for each of the worksheets. It’s also a great starting point for choosing. Many of them have a broad grade range, which is definitely nice for families homeschooling multiple children!

Super Teacher Worksheets Review Example

I found that Super Teacher Worksheets had something for just about every subject we cover with the exception of a foreign language. Another really neat feature is you can generate your own worksheets as well with their Generator Tools! So if I wanted to, I could actually generate word searches, multiple choice or fill in the blank worksheets for French. I appreciate that I can supplement our homeschool curriculum for each subject. In fact, I supplement with the worksheets at least 3 days a week – particularly for subjects they are usually on the computer.

There is so much more to the Generator Tools. You can generate Math Worksheets, Puzzles, Quizzes, Calendars, Flashcards and games, and even an ABC Order Generator. Although it was mentioned that most resources are for grades K-5, I really found a lot of resources we could use with our youngest son, too, who is just now easing into Kindergarten work! The ABC Order Generator was just one of the few I found! They have basic shapes and counting as well.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

In addition to key subjects, Super Teacher Worksheets also offers Holiday and Seasonal resources. It’s always fun to incorporate the holidays into our learning because it really adds to the educational experience as each holiday has its own story and history to share as well. Our kids personally enjoy the color by number pictures. They have to solve Addition and Subtraction problems and find the answer in the color key and color it according to the key. Isn’t the scarecrow perfect for Fall?

Overall, I think Super Teacher Worksheets is an amazing resource for homeschoolers. Because there are so many available resources, it’s so easy to find something for everyone. Plus, if your children have a favorite, you can print that one again and again. I think the flexibility and amount of resources available is fantastic.

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review


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  1. These look perfect for home schooling. My daughter teaches 18- 24 yo’s in a church setting. Do they make these for younger children?

  2. Those look like they would be very good for home schooling or even as additions to regular school.

  3. Dipanshu Dutta says

    These are some great resources and very useful for my nephew who is in 2nd grade. I think it is very important to keep changing these worksheets, customizing them. Recently for my nephew, I am using for math-worksheets. All these worksheets are Free and very colorful.

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