I’m not very Social (Seriously!)

You may find this hard to believe, but I’m not very social. I know what you’re thinking! I post all these fun pictures that make me look outgoing! Plus, you know how even my “condensed versions” of stories or blog posts are still pretty long, so clearly I have a lot to say, right? Yes, […]

Fab Mum Award!

  I absolutely love the blogger friends I’ve made and have been making! I love little things like this “The Fab Mum Award!” Thank-you to Jill at Frugal Plus for nominating me! 🙂 Thank-you, Jill! I was surprised (and excited) to receive your nomination! I LOVE learning more about the writers of the blogs I […]

ABC’s of Me

I’m a part of a wonderful online community called voiceBoks.  It’s a great place to connect, network, socialize, and make new friends!   )ne of the “events” I’m participating in right now is the ABC’s of me! I found this a bit tricky, but fun! It’s a great way to get to know more about me, […]

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